Friday, June 1, 2012

Unraveling the Mystery Sampler!

More MYSTERY! We've posted a couple times about our upcoming Mystery Sampler Club project (see May 4, May 18 posts), and we're so pleased that you're excited about this project. We sure are!!

This summer is going to be so FUN! Today is the first day of June (yikes!) and since the first part of the Mystery Sampler ships later this month, we are BUSY!  I designed the cover and emailed it to the printer earlier this week. After about a zillion changes and adjustments, I love the new cover. Below is a partial pic of a printout from my computer - it will look prettier when it's professionally printed! Since it is a MYSTERY sampler. there isn't a photo of the finished project, like the usual cover. 

Now you can see the name of the sampler...VERY SCARY! I have to confess, I almost forgot to name the project. I have been working really closely (daily emails and phone chats) with Katy at Norden Crafts and we had a funny exchange a couple weeks ago.

Katy: BTW, do you have a name for the Mystery Sampler?
Me: No, am I supposed to have a name?
Katy: Well, that is the usual thing. 
Me: Wow, how could I forget something as important as that? I'll think about it and get back to you. I suppose "Mystery Sampler" isn't really a name!

While we're waiting on the printing, Alan is busy assembling embellishment packs for the first part. For some reason, his big hands are faster at opening those tiny little 1" x 1" zip bags than my hands. So he gets the job!   You get a SNEAK PEEK of what's in the first pack...can you identify these little goodies? We're trying to catch up on the past 2 seasons of Downton Abbey, so we'll be prepared when the new season begins. Alan is making packs while I'm stitching on Christmas models and watching the exploits of the aristocrats and their "staff" at Downton Abbey. Those Brits from the year 1914 are certainly entertaining!

In case you missed it, here's a photo we posted earlier. This is the whole project, slightly wadded, headed to the LNS to be stretched and framed. But that was the FIRST time I delivered it. Before it landed in a frame, I got some darling buttons samples from a supplier. They were so cute, I decided to add them! I ordered them to be dyed, then while I waited for them to arrive, I retrieved the sampler and took out some stitches to make room for them. Will this design ever be finished? YES! Happy to report that the aforementioned buttons arrived, I attached them, and delivered FINISHED sampler to my LNS...again!

And...Alan is opening all those little 1" x 1" bags he already finished, and adding buttons.  Thank goodness that Downtown Abbey show has a lot of episodes!

P.S. We continue to receive a lot of direct inquiries from stitchers about joining the Mystery Sampler Club. We love hearing from you, but (as always) we don't sell direct to consumers. Please contact your local needlework shop to sign up. If you don't have a LNS, you can find a list of shops on our website, or go to Norden Crafts Facebook page. There is a list of shops that are participating. This isn't a snobby club (like those characters on Downtown Abbey)...EVERYONE is invited!



  1. Exciting! So proud of your graphic designing too!!

  2. Love the new mystery series--and it's new name! Funny story you shared about the naming. LOL! I've watched both seasons of Downton Abbey and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I'm planning to re-watch it all this summer.

  3. LOL about forgetting to name it, Linda. That's just too funny. I think the Birds of a Feather Mystery Project went by Mystery Sampler, or something like that. And, after all, what's in a name!! Glad you're going to be ready on time. (I hope so, anyways. Good luck!)

  4. I can't wait to get started on this..Halloween is my favorite holiday!! Is there a place where we can find out what kind/size material we'll need? I'd love to get ready...:)

  5. Hey, Alan, have you heard that Shirley McLaine is to be on Season 3 of Downton Abbey? Linda, what about a DA era design with some pithy English saying and flowers that mean all mean something like love, steadfastness, patience, etc.? Since you're got Halloween in the bag(literally), maybe for Mother's Day, 2013? Keep thinkin'!! We love your designs! Tanya T.