Thursday, November 21, 2013

"A Little Snow" in your forecast!

Not expecting snow in your neck of the woods? Think again!

We're shipping A LOT of "A Little Snow" this week. "A Little Snow" is our brand-new, last-minute kit for 2013 and it's ready to blow into your town.

This gentle wintry scene has beautiful muted colors you can display all winter (not specifically Christmas, but it will work with holiday decor). Kit includes 28 ct. Amber linen (pretty light brownish color), antique gold snowflake charm and white iridescent beads.

It's a companion to our other "Little" kits...A Little Love, A Little Easter, A Little Liberty and A Little Christmas. There's a teeny BONUS fob/ornament design tucked inside, too. 

Need "A Little Snow" in your life? Contact your local needlework shop to order and get ready for snow! We guarantee this snow isn't the messy doesn't require shoveling, it won't make you shiver, and it stays white!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mystery SOLVED!!!

Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler...SOLVED!!!

We've been unfolding this mystery design for the past 3 months, one part at a time, and the final Part 3 is now here!

Here's the pic that appears on the Part 3 cover! Honestly, Part 3 was my favorite part to design and stitch. I'm a sucker for a nice little woodland cottage, and (of course) an antique alphabet. Add in some more holly, hearts and snowflakes, and this part really completes the whole design.

One of my favorite parts about this stitchery is the color palette. I fell in love with these muted colors while stitching the model myself. I always begin with a wide selection of colors I plan to use, then narrow them down while doing the actual stitching. Stitching the model is an important part of the design process for me, and sometimes I'm pretty surprised at what finally emerges with needle and thread. Yea, it can be quite different than my original computer design.

WHEW! We're ready for a break! Now it's your turn to get stitching and finish the final part of the Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler. No've got plenty of time before you'll need Christmas decor in your home (even if the retail stores are already decked out!). And, if this year it doesn't quite happen...well, Christmas comes every year!