Monday, November 30, 2015

Very Merry Santa is Coming SOON!

I hope all of you had a joy-filled Thanksgiving! We did an un-traditional celebration this year. You know...the "flexible" things you do to accommodate adult children and their busy schedules. And I must say, it was a fabulous holiday weekend, filled with lots of laughter, great conversation and yummy food (of course!).

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, .I want to share with you a quickie, last minute December project we're readying to ship. 

Meet "Very Merry Santa"! Our jolly old elf is merry because he's got a basket full of snowflakes, his hands are full of packages, and there's a plate of warm cookies waiting on him when his Christmas mission is finished.

I've been wanting to do a little "purse" finish, and got this one done just "in the Nick of time!".You can call it a purse, or maybe a pocket. Whatever you call it, it's a fun finish for hanging, filling with some little goodies, or nestling in a bowl of greens, ornaments or other Christmas finery. It's just SO CUTE!!! Can't wait to add him to my holiday decor. The holiday decorating chaos is in full swing at our house...yours, too?

Very Merry Santa Kit includes 28 ct. linen, checked finishing fabric, hand-dyed buttons, French twill stripe ribbon, rusty jingle bell and 2 mother-of-pearl buttons. We're also including complete finishing instructions for your own Very Merry Santa. You supply something Christmas-y to fill your little purse!

Contact your favorite needlework supplier to order NOW! We're sending Very Merry Santa flying out of the L*K office later this week. He's bringing a little holiday joy with him.

We've love for Very Merry Santa to visit your house this Christmas. Add "yourself" to your Christmas shopping list. You've been good...right?!?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It's not even Thanksgiving, but the elves are in full gear at L*K. We've got a final batch of 2015 designs SHIPPING TODAY from L*K world headquarters (in a little strip mall in scenic Wichita, Kansas).

Coming soon to your favorite needlework shop...

#173 Flora McSample's 2015 Stockings
Our sample girl, Flora, has been busy with 3 more mini stockings to add to your collection. She was inspired by her favorite Christmas carols...lovely! Chartpak includes 3 designs and embellishments for all. These little stockings are companions to #168 Flora's 2014 Stockings and #161 Flora's 2013 Stockings (all picture at

The flurries are flying, and snow is headed your way!

We're so excited about this 3-part mini Flip-it series. It's quick, fun, and you don't have to put it away with your Christmas decorations. For all the snowy details, scroll back to our previous post. It's all there!

F155 Cold Hands - Snow Story Flip-it

F156 Warm Hearts - Snow Story Flip-it

F157 Snow Love - Snow Story Flip-it

Our Snow Story all stitched together for one long snow tale!

K83 A Little Coffee Kit
It's always the right time for a hot cup of coffee, but especially when the weather turns cool! A Little Coffee kit includes 28 ct. Amber linen and tiny "cafe au lait" colored buttons. Pour yourself a cup and start stitching!

B51 Gratitude Inspiration Boxer Kit
Inspiration Boxers have been on a mini-break, but they're back. We have a series of 3 Inspiration Boxers coming for late 2015/early 2016. Gratitude Boxer includes 30 ct. Lambswool line, embellishment and super sweet BONUS design.

Finally, I wanted to share a pic of the BONUS project that comes with the Gratitude Inspiration Boxer. I love designing and stitching these little bonus designs, and this is one of my favorites! I stitched on a scrap of Weeks Dye Works 32 ct. Seafoam linen, but you can stitch on anything you like. It's so sweet and cute, it's occupying a corner of my desk right now. 

That's it for 2015...or is it? I thought it was until I had a brainstorm last week for a "Last minute Christmas" kit. I designed and stitched it, and now I'm waiting for embellishments to arrive and hunting down cool finishing supplies. Stay tuned!!!