Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sweet FREEBIE for Valentine's Day

Just in time for the "sweetest" holiday of the year, here's a little freebie. It's a quick and easy stitch with lots of pretty pink and rosy colors.

Be My Valentine Free Chart

If you'd like to see some finishes on this freebie, some "overachievers/speedy stitchers" have already posted finished pics on the I Love Stitching Lizzie*Kate Designs Facebook page. If you're not already part of this very special group, just click JOIN to be a part of our fun stitching community.

On another subject...
do you ever have trouble putting away your FAVORITE Christmas decorations?

This year I made these "tiny" gingerbread houses. They were a set of little bitty cookie cutters. Each house is less than 2" wide. I didn't do a great job - my royal icing was not the right consistency - but I did them anyway. Then I found the most adorable tiny trees on Amazon to complete the scene. Since I have them displayed on a red tray (with Epson salt snow) I decided to leave them out for Valentine's Day. This little village just makes me smile!

The story is the same with these gingerbread hearts. At Christmas they hung on a little tree in my kitchen. When I put the tree away, I moved the hearts to a kitchen wreath. These hearts look like Valentine's Day...right?! Again, they just make me happy, so why not enjoy them a little longer?

Enjoy your Valentine's Day freebie!!!