Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SNOW in the forecast at L*K!

I's not even Halloween yet...but my mind is on SNOW! In fact, my little L*K desk and the L*K warehouse is covered in snowy goodness right now. We probably won't "dig out" from the snow for a couple months, if my forecast is accurate.

We're excited to preview our next Flip-it series...SNOW STORY!!!

It seems like no one can get enough snowmen, or snowflakes, or SNOW anything, so we're doing a 3-part series dedicated to our favorite frozen meteorological phenomenon - SNOW! It's a little snow-y story told in 3 parts, which can be stitched individually, or combined to tell one long SNOW STORY.

SNOW STORY isn't a Christmas design, but it can definitely be displayed over the holidays. The fun part don't have to put Snow Story away with your holiday gear. SNOW STORY is perfect for snowy winter displays after the holidays.

The individual SNOW STORY models are finished flat and attached to snowflake cutouts from Hobby Lobby. We chose 3 different wood snowflake cutouts, and painted them an icy white. We'll have complete finishing instructions available at These little flakes are so charming...I love this creative finish!

Here's a pic I snapped at my Hobby Lobby. Each package contains 3 snowflake cutouts - assorted one each of 3 styles. They're about 10" wide. SKU (inventory number by bar code) is 5434253. Set of 3 is regularly $5.99, but use your Hobby Lobby 40% coupon, or wait for them to go on sale (if you have the patience). Find these darling little flakes in the Christmas crafts section

****As always, you can finish like our models, or do your own snow-inspired finishing. We framed our big SNOW STORY model with a navy/white frame combo...perfect icy touch!

F155 Cold Hands SNOW STORY Flip-it

F156 Warm Hearts SNOW STORY Flip-it

F157 Snow Love SNOW STORY Flip-it

We stitched on icy "Storm" overdyed linen from Picture This Plus. We used 28 ct. Storm for the 3 individual models and 32 ct. Storm for the combined model. "Storm" is a gorgeous medium blue-gray color. I don't think the pics really show how pretty it is. You can choose your favorite fabric, too - just make sure it's dark enough for the SNOW to show up! 

Stitch for the entire SNOW STORY is 229W x 33H. Individual stitch counts are F155 Cold Hands 82W x 33H, F156 Warm Hearts 73W x 33H, F157 Snow Love 73W x 33H.

Our SNOW STORY thread list is short and easy: Weeks Dye Works clockwork, deep sea, seaglass, and whitewash (3 skeins of snow goodness!). These Flip-its really stitch up quickly because the color palette is easy. Each SNOW STORY Flip-it also comes with 2 hand-dyed blue buttons. 

***DISCLAIMER: I stitched SNOW STORY while I was recovering from knee replacement surgery. I thought I was paying attention and fully present...but oh my! I discovered all sorts of funky little stitching mistakes later (some quite interesting - like reversing motifs!). Thank goodness for Photoshop editing. I was clearly "one snowball short of a snowman"...and didn't know it!

Ready for SNOW?? We're in full SNOW preparatory gear at L*K headquarters. The flakes are flying and we're almost ready to send SNOW STORY your way soon!

We'll be shipping to fabulous needlework shops around the world on Tuesday, Nov. 11

There's a SNOW STORY storm coming your way soon. Better get your needle and thread might get "snowed in"!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Time for "thankful" stitching

Halloween stitching is winding down, and now it's time for one of my favorite holidays...Thanksgiving!

Tday is often overlooked as we rush towards Christmas, but it's already on my mind. You know the "motherly" thoughts...what family will be home, where will we eat, who will bring what, and all that!

I don't do Thanksgiving designs every year, but I did one this year. S124 Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

I had the best time designing and stitching this little ode to autumn and thankfulness. I pulled every imaginable fall-ish color of floss from my stash for the leaves, and ended up with a beautiful color palette. Hey...I don't know if there really are any blue/gray or blue/green leaves, but they sure look pretty with the traditional leaf colors. It's a quick stitch, but you'll display it for many years to come. 

There are lots more Thanksgiving designs on the L*K website.We've counted our blessings a lot fo/ time over the past 20 years!

Here are a few of my favorites:

#010 Come with Thankful Hearts - one of my original 20 designs that I took to market my first year.

F44 November Stamp - comes with tiny burgundy buttons

Q06 Sampling Thanksgiving - comes with tiny golden apple charm

120 Pair O Pilgrims - patterns for 2 standups and complete finishing instructions.

F32 November Blocks - comes with tiny golden acorn charm

Happy Thankful Stitching, everyone!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Hippie Dippy 60th Birthday Party!!!

I turned 60 a couple days ago...Happy Belated Birthday to me!!!

I'd been wondering how to celebrate, and finally settled on a combined joint birthday party (with my husband, Alan, who turned 60 this past June) and an Open House. We invited our pals to drop in, see our new "pad", and celebrate with us.

We decided on a "Hippie" theme, since we grew up in the 60s and 70s. Groovy, right?

The "dippy" part of the invitation referred to the food. I invited guests to bring their favorite dips (the kind you eat, not your date). I love dips of all kinds! I also made Alan's favorite food - sloppy joes - and updated them by doing sloppy joe sliders with yummy Hawaiian rolls.

I encouraged/invited guests to wear hippie clothing, and told my family they HAD to wear some groovy hippie threads for the big night. And here's what went down...from left to right....

Husband, Alan, ordered a giant Afro wig that I vetoed, but he wore anyway (sigh). Ali (oldest daughter) wore a vintage mumu from her friend's grandmother's closet. She did a leather headband, and looked very "flower child" to me (and I would know...I lived through the 60s!).  She also crafted a little fringed leather collar for her dog, Henry. That's me in the middle with my love beads and John Lennon rose-colored glasses. Sarah (youngest daughter) is wearing my friend's vintage dress from the 60s. It reminds me of something Twiggy used to wear - so authentic it makes me think of middle school. Son-in-law, Jeff, was rocking the love beads, glasses and some giant bell bottoms!

We greeted everyone at the door and handed out funky love beads to get them in the hippie groove. 

And guess what...some other hippies showed up at our party, too! This groovy couple was practically unrecognizable to me!  Jean (left) is usually in conservative banker clothes...but who knew about her inner hippie? I'm still finding strands of her luscious blond hair around the house. Her husband, Dennis, is always hilarious, but his "tattoo sleeves" were a real hoot.

These flower children were also a big transformation from our usual longtime friends, Steve and Saundra. It was hard to tell who was hiding under all the punk hair and heavy beard. Their sparkly glasses were definitely very "Elton John-ish".

The ladies below won the prize for coming the farthest, for a non-relative (my daughter and husband came from Chicago). Look familiar? It's Lindy and Mona from The Silver Needle in Tulsa. Thanks for making the long trek to/fro Ta-town on a Saturday night.

Here are some other hippies enjoying their dippies in our living room. 

And a few more hipsters hanging out in our sunroom. Check out the open windows...the October weather is gorgeous. I just love having my birthday in October, because I never know what the weather will bring.

Alas, all groovy parties must come to an end. So we ended with a "selfie"(below). Clearly "selfies" weren't around in the 60s, but they're sure a part of life now, and so much fun.  

Thanks, everyone, for making our 60th birthdays a really groovy affair! It's back to daily life, so we're trading in our John Lennon specs for our "readers" and our platform shoes for comfy, sensible shoes!