Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yes, there are other NEW things at L*K besides the big summer Mystery Sampler Club! We just shipped new things to shops last week, so they should be in stock for you to shop now.

#154 Wouldn't Life Be Great?
A friend shared this great saying with me and I couldn't wait to graph and stitch is fun, sweet and sentimental all wrapped up together.

S103 Do What Your Wife Said! Snippet
Yes, it's now available in "stitched" form so you can stitch it, frame it and hang it on the wall! Just point and nod whenever appropriate. The adage is timeless, but you can stitch this in a couple hours. Thanks to Patty for sharing this very appropriate saying with me!

B39 Sweet Simple Things Boxer
This is a lovely saying, originally attributed to Helen Keller. We graphed it with some beautiful soft colors and sweet motifs, and added rosy pink flower buttons. Kit includes 30 ct. natural linen, pink flower buttons and BONUS pin pillow design with raspberry bead embellishments. Sweet and simple!

K59 A Little Liberty Kit
This little square design is a companion to A Little Love and A Little Easter Kits, but has a great summery, patriotic design. Kit includes 30 ct. natural, linen, pattern and teensy red beads. Yea for the red, white and blue!

One more thing...for all of you who kindly responded to the previous post regarding UPS and the "disappearing samplers"...we have filed a claim, photographed and saved the damaged box, and all that. We have replaced and reshipped the MIA Very Scary Part I chartpaks. 

For all the boxes we ship out of here every week, we understand that sometimes "stuff happens". UPS is looking for the stuff in the mysterious place that contents of broken packages land...can you imagine? Meanwhile, our UPS man still cheerily opens the L*K door every afternoon around 3 PM, endures the barking granddog, picks up boxes and breezily says "y'all have a great day!" 


  1. Are there any stockists of the mystery sampler that will ship to the uk? Struggling to find it anywhere

  2. I am adding the Sweet Simple Things Boxer to my wish list right now. I also really like Wouldn't Life Be Great - I'm thinking about stitching it as a gift for my sister. Thank you for continuing to produce such stellar work!


  3. Reply to Fiona's comment can probably order the Mystery Sampler from your usual supplier, if they import products from the US. They need to contact Norden Crafts to order. Many shops in the US also ship overseas regularly. You can find a list on my website and email them to inquire. Lots of shops have auto ships established for this 3 part series. Let me know if you need more help!

  4. you never run out of great sayings, or if you do, you have very good friends who share great ones too! :D
    wouldn't life be great is so going into my cart!! :D
    don't worry for the Mystery mystery thing.. thank you all at L*K for the effort you're putting into this.. knowing the let minute issues, we'll be even more thrilled when the 1st part arrives! ;)
    happy xxx,