Thursday, May 31, 2012

HAIL, no!!!

I think I've posted about this before, but it bears repeating...I hate HAIL!!! We've been hoping and praying for rain because we are so DRY, and yesterday we finally got a big thunderstorm. Loved the thunder, lightning, flickering lights and all that. Alas, we also got HAIL!

I'm still in my office about 5 PM and I start to hear rain and think "great, finally!". Then I hear the telltale pitter- patter of hail on the roof and I think "OH, NO!".  Then the pitter-patter turns to clunk, crash, clunk as the hail gets bigger and more frequent.

So I did what every good Kansan does...I grabbed my camera! I took this shot out my upstairs office window. That's my backyard under a blanket of frozen hail.

After about an hour of on again-off again hail and rain, I escaped to my house with my faithful dog, Henry, and my nightly stitch project in hand. I snapped the photo below as I passed through the wet patio. I guess we'll have a few less grapes (those little green balls in photo) in July. The birds, who feast on them every summer, may be disappointed!

I just texted my sister-in-law on the nearby family farm and found out they didn't get nearly as much hail and rain as we did. Thankfully the wheat is still standing up (not shredded into bits, laying on the ground) and ready for it's big date with the combine!!


  1. I'm sure the birds will enjoy them now as well as later. And glad the wheat is in good shape. Hail is a problem here too, sometimes. Hopefully your car wasn't out to get dented.

  2. Crazy hail pic!!! Wow. A good time to have a garage. :)

  3. That is quite unfortunate. Hopefully there wasn’t much damage in the roof and windows of the house, what with the heavy volume of hail you’ve got. Too bad about the grapes, though.


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