Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mystery Day!

FINALLY, the big day is HERE! Part I of our Very Scary Mystery Sampler is shipping to shops all over the world TODAY. And...we're not doing the work! WOO-HOO!  Those busy bees at Norden Crafts, our fabulous distributor, are handling all the distribution on this special joint project. If we're not doing the shipping, why is our office still such a mess? Hmmmmmmm...

While the family and employees at Norden were busy processing yards and yards of beautiful hand-dyed linens...

Alan and I spent the weekend at Lake of the Ozarks in nearby Missouri. Here was the view out our bedroom window! Look out Dorothy...we're not in Kansas anymore!

The workers at Norden Crafts were circling the thread table again and again to assemble thousands of thread packs. Katy tells me they walked almost 13 miles while circling the table and grabbing that is VERY SCARY!

We were so excited to spend time with our daughter Sarah, husband Jeff, and Jeff's parents Kim and Mark, at their beautiful home in the Ozarks. Did I mention it is ON THE LAKE? You take this impressively long (my aching knee!) set of steps from their back door and land at the dock on the lake. 

Alas, we weren't able to help the Chicago gang at Norden as they packaged all of these chartpaks into boxes for eager customers everywhere. But wait...we've been working on this project for months. It seems like years since we began, and my desk is still covered with Part 2 and Part 3 preparations. And, we did make about 250 of these chartpaks twice - see June 18 post about the disappearing samplers!

Thanks again to Mark and Kim for hosting us at their beautiful house! Sorry, Mark was off to work the last morning when we took this photo. After saying our fond goodbyes, we began the 6 hour drive back to Kansas. We were sad, but we had hundreds of Mystery Sampler embellishment packs (great car project) to keep us company.

Sadly, we returned to the Land of Oz and it was 105 degrees! No wonder that famous farm girl Dorothy Gale donned the sparkly red shoes, clicked her heels and left the state!


  1. How exciting! I'm eagerly awaiting my order too! How nice that Norden Crafts is doing all the assembly and shipping so you can go enjoy yourself at the lake!

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to get mine. The lake looks wonderful.

  3. Olá! Gostei muito de conhecer seu blog. Um abraço.