Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SPOOKED! Summer Mystery Sampler - SOLVED!!!

We just shipped Part 3 (the FINAL part) our our SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler to shops everywhere this week (along with other newbies...scroll back to previous posts). What a weekend we had getting everything packed, and repacked (that's another blog post!). But everything is on it's way around the US and across the pond.

The much anticipated thing about Part 3 of SPOOKED! is the color photo on the front. It's super pretty and lots of spooky fun, and we hope you all love it, won't see it here...YET! That lovely cream box is strategically covering our mystery sampler "reveal". 

We respectfully ask all of you NOT to post this photo anywhere for a while. I'm not kidding when I say that it can take a month for this sampler to get to all the remote places it is traveling. There really is a worldwide community of stitchers watching this mystery unfold together...and we love and appreciate all of you.

Before I forget...
Want to say a giant THANK YOU to all of you who joined us in our summer of stitching suspense. We have really felt the support from stitchers everywhere, and that makes us smile :) It's been about 7 months since I originally conceived the project and it's been a long journey (and a lot of embellishment pack assembly!).

It's never too late to join the SPOOKED! fun. We will post the "big reveal" photo soon. If you're one of those stitchers who needs to see a picture, we totally understand. Visit your favorite needlework shop and check out their SPOOKED! Part 3 and see the finished project photo.

But here's a photo we're excited to share! For the Birds is the BONUS project that comes with SPOOKED! Part 3. I had the best time designing and stitching these little crows and their curious cat pal. After I completed the model, I had a hard time deciding on a finish. I went with a black frame, but it would make a darling height-challenged pillow - just imagine some fun black pom or chenille trim - or whatever else your imagination dreams up.

I originally planned to finish this as a little drum, where the design would wrap around the 3D drum. But photographing those is tricky, so didn't go that way. But I would love to see a pic if something chooses this option.

NOTE: You are free to post finished pics of the 3 BONUS projects included with SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler. I really look forward to seeing what you are doing with these:

Part 1 - 2 sided fob
Part 2 - Winnie Witch standup
Part 3 - For the Birds

Don't forget the FREE finishing instructions at link below. Mona really outdid herself with great photo and fabulous tutorials for the BONUS projects. GIANT THANKS to super-Mona! She makes me look good with her great finishes. I give her an idea (or more often ask her for an idea) and she "magically" makes it a reality.

Thanks for joining us on our SPOOKED! "magical mystery tour" this summer!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Pumpkin Pocket Preview

We have one final pocket/purse kit to complete our series...and it's coming SOON!

K91 Pumpkin Pocket Kit

Call it a pocket, call it a purse, call it whatever you want, this Halloween project is quick and fun. Kit includes 30 ct. natural linen, black/brown finishing fabric, black button, 2 rusty hand-dyed buttons, black rick rack (for handle), template and complete finishing instructions. You provided bits of fibers from your stash and a spooky attitude.

Our Pumpkin Pocket has 3 seasonal companions, already available: The series is now complete!

                                           K84 Very Merry Santa Kit

                                          K86 Hello Spring Kit

                                           K88 Love Summer Kit

This little bugger is so cute, I just enjoy having it hanging out at my desk. Which it is...right now...on top of my growing pile of projects in progress (picture below).

On one busy corner of my desk, I pile projects that are WIP (works in progress). By the time they land here, they are designed, stitched, photographed and on their way to publishing. I clip everything about a project together...graph, stitching notes, fabric/thread/embellishment info, proofing notes, printer ready files...everything about this project. Since Pumpkin Purse was flat (not a framed model or 3D finish), it got clipped in, too! I have been known to lose models...but that's another (runaway bunny) blog post.

See the lovely lady in the top right part of photo above? That's Elena, my senior partner from Unbound. She lives in a small village in Guatemala. I sponsor her through Unbound, which is such a wonderful organization based in Kansas City.

I could go on and on about Unbound and the fabulous work they do...but that's material for another post.  I'll chat more about Unbound soon. But must share one story...

When I got matched with Elena and got the info pack about her life, I could hardly believe it. I had been to her tiny town several years before while on a mission trip with my church. I KNOW!!! I probably walked right by her house, or certainly nearby. We would have shared the same dirt roads and the beautiful mountain and lake views. Maybe, maybe...I will get to meet her someday, as our church returns twice yearly to Guatemala. Meanwhile, we exchange letters often (through Unbound translators), and she's my constant desk companion. Elena looks over my shoulder while I'm working on my computer and keeps me on track with her firm look. Don't you love her gorgeous handwoven traditional clothing. More about that on future post, too. There's a story behind every garment.

Here's everything shipping to shops on August 15:

#176 Tiny Tidings XXI + Embellishment Pack (scroll back for blog sneak peek)
S127 Santa '16 - Old School Santa + Embellishment Pack (scroll back for blog sneak peek)
K91 Pumpkin Pocket Kit
SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Part 3 - the long-awaited FINAL PART with the PHOTO REVEAL!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Here comes Santa!

Yes, it's AUGUST...but it's holiday time here at L*K. I'm continuing my SNEAK PEEK posts on all the upcoming Halloween and Christmas goodies.

Every year I design a Snippet Santa, and every year I wonder what Santa will say/do this time. He's been caught in his pajamas, taking a spin on ice skates, hanging with his woodland friends, and all sorts of St. Nick activities.

This year I was inspired by a saying. I'm not sure it's totally "politically correct", but I liked it. Hope you like it, too! This seems like a great saying for our 20th Anniversary here at L*K. I think we are "old school", working in the needlework biz...or at least, we're OLD!

Now I don't want Santa 2016 compared with a grouchy old man  I just prefer to think of him as "old school". Imagine how the jolly old man works all year getting ready for the big day, and someone cheerfully quips "Happy Holidays!". Santa may sigh a bit.

I stitched Santa on 32 ct. natural light linen. You can choose your favorite fabric. I popped the jolly old elf in an antique-y white frame. The design is square, so it would also make a darling pillow or other fun finish - so many options.

I aimed for an "old school" color theme this year with more muted Christmas colors. Old School Santa is embellished with 3 antique white snowflake buttons. These are available in (optional) embellishment pack. Otherwise, snowflakes are graphed and can be stitched.

We're busy making Santa '16 Embellishment Packs, and our Santa Snippet just returned from the printer...where I'm sure he lifted everyone's spirits.

Here comes Santa Claus...but not until after August 15, when we ship to needlework shops around the world.

Here's what else is coming soon. Check back for more sneak peeks (Pumpkin Pocket is coming later this week), and scroll back for previous post on Tiny Tidings XXI.

#176 Tiny Tidings XXI + Embellishment Pack
S127 Santa '16 - Old School Santa + Embellishment Pack
K91 Pumpkin Pocket Kit 
SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Part 3 - the much-awaited FINAL PART!!!

Are you "old school". Leave a comment below and embrace the "old school" in all of us!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

In the mood for Christmas?

Every summer my thoughts turn to...CHRISTMAS, of course! For the past 20 years, we've been releasing holiday designs in August. Back in the day, we went to a huge needlework market in Charlotte every August. Alas, no more. But August is still our go-to time to release yearly Christmas designs.

When I began doing Tiny Tidings 21 years ago, I never dreamed it would be an ongoing series...for 20+ years! But they're just so FUN to design and stitch, and versatile to finish and enjoy in so many ways. Every year I sit at my computer, sketch pad in hand, and wonder what in the heck I'm going to do this year. Then I start doodling and graphing, and before I know it, there's another batch of Tiny Tidings little treasures on my computer screen.

This year I had an idea to graph a bunch of favorite holiday characters. I narrowed down the list to 5 (made my list and checked it twice!) and ended up designing "bitty" Santa, Mrs. Santa, reindeer, snowman and and elf. These little guys are SO CUTE...they sort of have big heads and little bodies, and lots of cuteness inbetween.

I got to work stitching all these little holiday pals and added an embellishment to each of them...antique gold wreath charm, "exclusive" cookie button, white snowflake button, tiny red  button, and burgundy triangle button. These little gems will be included in the (optional) Tiny Tidings XXI Embellishment Pack.

You can see that my photographer and I had some fun with peppermint candies for our cover photo. Not quite as easy to find peppermints in the middle of the summer.

Then I decided to use the designs in a different way and grouped 4 of them in one stitchery, adding some trees and lots of snow (sorry to leave you out, little elf). This would make a darling little pillow, but I decided on a "snow" inspired chunky frame. Love it!

Here are some Tiny Tidings XXI Embellishment Packs with all the goodies described above. I spent the 10+ hour drives (each way) going to Colorado recently working on these. With embellishment packs in my hand, our Audiobook which transported us to the dawn of the French Revolution, a pitstop for Mexican food and a wonderful driver (Alan), the trip was nice. Below is pic of the 9" x 13" baking pan that was on my lap to/fro Colorado. Handy!

CHECK BACK SOON for more previews of our August releases! We'll be featuring one newbie at a time, and we've got 4 things coming your way after August 15.


#176 Tiny Tidings XXI + Embellishment Pack
S127 Santa '16 - Old School Santa + Embellishment Pack
K91 Pumpkin Pocket Kit 
SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Part 3 - the much-awaited FINAL PART!!!

August is a great month for stitching - enjoy!