Monday, June 11, 2012

Barry Manilow!!!

Yes, THAT Barry Manilow! He was in town one night last week and we went to his concert...and I'm not embarassed or ashamed to admit it!

As soon as the advertisements for his concert hit the media several months ago, we called some friends, found some willing companions, and got tickets. Sure, a lot of other friends laughed when we told them our plans. My thought's now or never to see Barry, because I don't think he's coming back! And, TRULY, Barry Manilow was the soundtrack to my youth. I listened to Barry with my first boyfriend, Barry comforted me when we broke up, Barry sang at my get the picture!

He's 68 years old, according to his publicity, but who knows? Honestly, he looked a lot different from the Barry I knew in the 70s, but I look a lot different than I did in the betcha! Only his plastic surgeon knows for sure. And, he just resumed touring after some hip surgery, so he was good to boogie!

I tried to zoom in with my camera, and this was the closest I could get. For a man with a big voice, he barely opens his mouth. Come to think of it, he barely moves his face....hmmmmm. 

But, we had a BLAST!  The average audience age was about 60 - believe it! And my friend who works at the arena said they had an unprecedented number of wheelchair attendees. Also easy to believe! I believe there was a joke going around the mature crowd...if anyone throw panties on the stage tonight, they will be Depends! The colorful pic above shows Barry belting out the famous Copacabana number - a real audience pleaser.

The whole concert was so FUN and mega hit after another...sort of an adult sing-along. We knew all the words, and sometimes he encouraged us to take the lead. When we entered the arena, everyone was given a red glowstick and we put those things to work, waving them in rhythm and lighting up the night. Isn't there a Barry song about that? You can see the red lights in the pic below. That's real Barry in the middle stage, flanked by big Barrys on the 2 side screens.

The concert ended early at 9:15.  We were shocked when suddenly we realized it was the big closing number. As the audience clapped wildly, we expected Barry to return for an encore, and maybe a second encore. But alas, Barry had left the building! The curtain came down, and Barry was headed to bed early! 

Linda's Ode to Barry Manilow - "This one's for you!"

"You came and you gave without taking",
yes, "Yesterday's a dream, I face the morning" without you.

"We started a story who's end must now wait..."
But alas, "We'll just go on burning bright, somewhere in the night!"


  1. Mandy.......Can't smile without you...... oh my God... I do love his songs!!!!!!! What a magical concert to attend!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I so enjoy reading your blogs. Sounds like a good concert.

  3. I will admit I love Barry Manilow too.

  4. I'm another Manilow lover! His was the first concert I ever went to. I grew up listening his LP's.

    I even admit to begging my mom to let me stay up many a New Year so that I could listen to him sing.

    I guess I would be the youngin in the crowd.

  5. I'm a Manilow lover too. I remember listening to him on vinyl. In fact, my very first concert was a Barry concert. But, that was many years ago.

    I think I must have been born in the wrong decade, especially since I would have been a young babe in the crowd.

  6. Alas, Barry has definitely had work done. I made my husband take me to a concert in the 80's and his chin was very different. Who cares - if it makes him feel better, I say go for it! What we really want is to hear him sing his heart out! I'm jealous!

  7. I love love love Barry Manilow! I am soooo jealous! I bet that I can still sing every single word of every song on every album! I have never been to any concerts because he has never come here...but oh my...I have been to many private concerts in my dreams!

  8. Glad that you had fun. No reason to be ashamed, in my opinion. We all have different tastes!! Thanks for sharing the pics too.

  9. Never been to his concerts, but have a record album, yes album, of a live concert. It has the audience applause etc, so if I closed my eyes I could imagine I was at one. LOL

  10. I have always had a soft spot for Barry. My mum was a huge fan so I grew up listening to him, Barry calenders, Barry posters lol! The thing is now whenever i hear him I automatically think of my mum (god rest her soul), and it always makes my heart a little sad.. but you cannae beat a good rendition of cocacabana!

  11. I heard that Dave Koz opens for Barry? If so, how long does he sing before Barry goes on stage? I'm going to see him in Charlotte Saturday.