Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Be Kind Be Happy Be Well FREEBIE!!!

Every once in a while my husband give me an idea for a designs...unsolicited!

Usually my response is a polite "hmmm...interesting idea" or "maybe sometimes later", or some other non-committal comment. Because you know....some of his ideas are "unusual".

But a couple weeks ago we were discussing the COVID19 world in which we suddenly find ourselves, and we talked about the comforting power of cross stitching. Then he suddenly says he has a saying in mind "Be kind, be happy, be well".

And I said "I really LIKE that idea!". He was probably surprised, but I really did like the saying. So here it is...straight from BOTH of us!

Be Kind Be Happy Be Well FREEBIE!

Choose your favorite fabric...something that makes you happy. Use the colors we've suggested or do your own creative thing. 

Here's my idea (below) of being happy and being well. After recovering from surgery I got the doc's OK to get in my kayak (carefully to avoid cold water) and enjoy the lake in our backyard. Our temp is supposed to be 83 degrees this afternoon, so you can find me on the lake (after physical therapy this afternoon). Today I will trade the down vest for a big sun hat.

Be kind, Be happy, Be well, my friends!