Thursday, October 1, 2020

Betty Broomstick and Vinnie Von Fang are HERE!!!

The wait is finally over! Our favorite spooky Halloween couple are ready to haunt YOUR stitches! 

Click HERE to see Betty and Vinnie

These two originally appeared on the Halloween scene many years ago. Betty Broomstick flew in on her trusty broom in 2008. Vinnie Von Fang joined Betty a year later in 2009. How well I remember cutting yards and yards of fabric, assembling embellishments packs full of goodies, and putting together piles of kits. It was a bit of a Halloween nightmare in our messy office!

**Now Betty and Vinnie are back, and are sold as patterns with embellishments. You can use the fabric we suggest or choose your own. All the fun is still here because we've given both a makeover! We restitched the models and gathered a fantastic collection of embellishments to make them "new and improved"!

Our adorable little witch comes with the pattern, bristly broomstick, sparkly gemstone earrings, gold star buttons, black Estaz for her fuzzy hair, black seed beads, silver ribbon and bell. Complete stand-up finishing instructions are also included.

We stitched Betty on colorful 30 ct. Carrot linen from Weeks Dye Works, using WDW overdyed threads, DMC floss and Kreinik #4 braid (on her snazzy hot pink boots). Finished stitching size is 4" x 7.8" with a stitch count of 61W x 117H. Fabric and fibers may be purchased separately.

Dapper vampire Vinnie Von Fang comes with pattern, sparkly gemstone cufflinks, gold star buttons, googly eyes, black seed beads, silver ribbon and bat button. Stand-up finishing instructions are included.

We stitched our new model on 30 ct. Chartreuse linen (bright!) from Weeks Dye Works, and used WDW overdyed threads, DMC floss and silver braid. Finished stitching size is 4.4" x 7.8" with a stitch count of 66W x 117H. Fabric and fibers may be purchased separately.

***Alan and I are anticipating Halloween this year (maybe without trick or treaters?) by eating our favorite snack size candy bars...respectively Almond Joy and Snickers! I personally think snack size candy bars were a brilliant invention and I want to support the candy companies on a year that might be difficult for them...hey, we do what we can. Next I'm going to buy some Twix for me, and probably Three Musketeers for Alan. We don't agree on candy bars, and I think that's a GOOD thing! If they're gone, I know I'm the one who ate them.

Happy autumn...from my house to yours! My summer pots are still hanging in there. Those gorgeous sweet potato vines won't be around much longer. Meanwhile, Verde the green wonder dog is decked out for fall with his pumpkin necklace. Still looking for a witch hat large enough for his lovable doggie head!