Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Your L*K Christmas list

Is your Christmas list ready? Checking it twice?

It seems like we are usually more concerned with what to get all of our loved ones, than what we want ourselves. I do love to GIVE! Years ago I read one of those books on "love languages" and giving gifts was definitely one of the ways I show love.

But hey, I also love to receive those special gifts. Doesn't have to be expensive, but something sweet and perfect for me really warms my heart (and sometimes my tummy, depending on the gift!).

We celebrated our bi-annual Thanksmas at our house over Thanksgiving weekend. What is Thanksmas? It's what you do when your adult kids only come home for Christmas every other year. You roll the Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions into one joyful weekend! I'm talking stockings by the fireplace, gifts under the tree, viewing holiday lights, eating and eating some more, giant crossword puzzle, annual Ebright talks...the whole holiday thing.  There's the whole gang above, grinning after discovering a new Mexi restaurant...ole!

But back to our wish lists...I know a lot of you have cross stitch at the top of your lists. We shipped 2 brand new L*K kits last week (see below), but we have a lot of other fun holiday stitches. Here's a few things that the L*K elves are shipping lately to shops everywhere.

K93 NOEL Limited Edition Kit (includes Santa '16 Needle Nannie)

K94 O Christmas Tree Kit

K84 Very Merry Santa Kit

S128 Peppermint Sleds Snippet

S130 Wise Men Still Seek Him Snippet

S129 Snowy Sleds Snippet

S127 Santa '16 - Old School Santa Snippet

176 - Tiny Tidings XXI - one of my fave Tidings for many years!

#173 Flora McSample's 2015 Stockings

...and these are just a few of the dozens of L*K Christmas designs. We've been designing Christmas for 21 years, ya know!

****If you want to see all Christmas things L*K, check out the Christmas tab on our website.

Wishing all of your a very merry December as you prepare for Christmas and the New Year ahead. I must admit, on the years that we celebrate Thanksmas, our December is calmer than usual. And it's pretty nice. The shopping is done, so we intentionally spend time with friends and family, go to tons of Christmas events and really embrace "the most wonderful time of the year!".