Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Threads of Life...or MESSY BUILD-UP!

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How good are you at returning your threads to their proper locations? Or do they have permanent addresses? You know what I mean...the threads from the project(s) you just finished, the new threads you just purchased, the threads you pulled and never ended up using...the flossy mess goes on and on!

It's a constant problem in my office and my house...or maybe a blessing, since I am fortunate to have a huge stash of gorgeous, colorful threads, courtesy of the thread companies.  Even though the threads all have permanent homes, they seem to gravitate out of their bags, drawers, baskets and land all over the place!

When our children were young, they loved the Berenstain Bears books!  We read them so much, they were memorized. Except for that one with the troublesome message...The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room. It seems our daughter Alison thought that one was directed at her, and after repeated readings it mysteriously disappeared. We found it many years later cleverly tucked under the cushions of the rocking chair...hmmmmm.  This book coined a phrase we have used many times since....MESSY BUILD-UP!!

Here's a "messy build-up"  of overdyes and DMC waiting to be returned to their proper places.

OOPS! Another "messy buildup" of overdyed threads sorted according to numbers, but not yet organized in their little plastic bags on big metal rings.

Here are my thread cabinets, where the wayward floss is supposed to live. These little drawers are handily located right behind my desk, so I just whirl around and grab whatever I need.  The drawers are organized according to different thread companies. (On top you can see the messy stash pictured above!). 

So one of my projects for the long weekend is to refile those pesky threads and do an all-office cleaning. We'll see if that happens?! If the weather is nice, I'm pretty sure that filing threads won't be at the top of my list!

Monday, August 29, 2011

1 daughter + 3 giraffes = FUN!

Our daughter Ali came home this weekend - special treat! So we kept busy doing all of her favorite Wichita things.

Shortly after she arrived, a trip to our favorite neighborhood Mexi-restaurant, El Paisa. Ali rarely goes anywhere without her camera, so she snapped a photo of Alan and I savoring our favorite sauces!  We regularly finish a whole bottle of salsa with each meal there...part of the experience! Que rico!

Alison is 28 years old, but we decided a trip to the Zoo would be fun!  Wichita has a fabulous zoo, and this weekend happened to be the 40th anniversary and FREE admission day. It was a mob...or should I say..."it was a zoo!" We weren't sure which was more entertaining...the zoo animals, or the people!  It was also HOT and humid and the jungle felt like...the jungle!

We stood in line for a turn feeding the giraffes - a new experience for all of us.  What a hoot!  We climbed onto a platform at the appropriate giraffe height, then fed them tree clippings that the staff provided. These long-necked guys (girls?) were super friendly and have super-talented grayish tongues. If you weren't fast enough with the leaves, they reached right out and grabbed them. We had so much fun, it was definitely worth the warm wait.

I managed to get a smile out of the tiger. Alan and Ali even dragged me into the Herpetarium (it was cool in there), which I have successfully avoided for many years, since my experiences as a school field trip sponsor. I managed to avert my eyes as I glided past the snakes and creepy things. So far, no bad dreams.

At the end of the morning, we were so hot, we felt like snoozing, just like this intelligent guy.

After the lunch, we took Ali's dog for a swim in our neighbor's pool. I'm not sure Henry was included when they extended the invitation, but he joined us in the fun. He was a little tentative about the water - his first swim - but he did an excellent doggie paddle from person to person. And with his recent summer haircut, he was the first one dry!

Fun, family, friends, food - what a great weekend!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Our 1st Blog GIVE-AWAY! "My stitch niche"

Where do you do your stitching? I stitch ALL of my own original models, so I'm always stitching a new design, or two.  I do a LOT of stitching in my office at my desk...with everything spread all around me, my extra-large computer monitor beside me with the ever-evolving design, and general chaos as I stitch, take out, re-stitch, change again, etc.!

But I also do a lot of stitching in my house in the evenings, while I watch a movie or TV.  I have this semi-efficient system of keeping current projects in baskets and carting them back and forth. I frequently leave something important in the wrong location, but generally it works. Above is a pic of my comfy stitching chair with little ottoman in front. I always stitch with my feet UP! 

Notice the scary big light with magnifier. When new guests come over, I usually roll this monster into the adjoining room, or try to answer their baffled inquiries! Otherwise, it's always right over my shoulder. I should note that my stitching chair is wearing it's summer linen "dress".  When fall comes, I'll remove the linen slipcover and let the cozy chenille upholstery keep me and my needle warm.

So what's on that cluttered TV tray next to my chair? Below are the usual contents...

*Glass of water - always! 
*Napkin - in case that water gets away - or to catch crumbs because I'm usually snacking.
*My favorite very-pointy scissors - I do lots of stitch REMOVAL - 2 pairs are better than one! The 2 current fobs are both recent gifts from stitchers - what a treat!
*Needles in an (unattractive) plastic container with lid - a couple hundred or more! Is that too many?
*Pincushion where I keep needles threaded and ready to go - or park needles with enough thread remaining to use later. I bought a darling pin cushion from JABC and just haven't found the time to assemble it. Someday it will look stunning on my TV tray!
*Pen - for making changes and notes on charts as I stitch. I can make changes on the computer later.
*Clip with current thread holders clamped together. Those little paper tags that come with the over-dyed threads have a way of getting lost, so I clip them together while I'm working on a project. The Vera Bradley clamps are cute and make this job prettier! Just in case I forget to record a color, it's there in my clip!
*Most important - the current PROJECT basket. Inside are color stitching charts printed from my design software. I usually have a  printout of the entire project, along with printouts of enlarged areas for easy viewing. Also in the basket are threads and the project in progress! The project you see will be the Winter Alphabet.  It's all graphed and I'm having a really hard time making final color selections...lots of exercise for the pointy scissors in this model! But I think I'm finally satisfied with the colors (except for that one green that I might still change!).

So here's the GIVEAWAY!

10 Lizzie*Kate slime-lime calculators!

How to Enter: Leave a comment on this page telling us something about your favorite stitch niche...where it is, your favorite stitching aid/tool, whatever!
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Deadline: August 31, 2011 at 11:59pm Central  Time

The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to enter.  One entry per person. 
Winner will be selected at random by Lizzie*Kate using All
entries received after the giveaway closing day and time will not be considered.
Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to confirm
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winner(s) will be selected. Giveaways will be  mailed to the winners' address

Even though my daughter Ali tells me that calculators are no longer popular (or necessary!), they are still popular at L*K.  We keep them on our desks and the shipping table, and they're very popular prizes when we attend special stitching events! show Ali that calculators are, indeed, not EXTINCT, please enter our VERY FIRST giveaway!

Friday, August 19, 2011

What a week!

Oh my!  What a big week at L*K!  We shipped our new designs to several hundred shops on Monday, and barely paused to catch our breath before the reorders began. We're not complaining,'s a blessing to be busy!

Our website should be updated this weekend (with good quality photos), but here are some quick photos I shot of all the new things!

Finally...the 6 Fat Men Flip-its are here!  This is the group model with all 6 chubby guys hanging out in the snow together. I forgot to shoot the individual models before loaning them out, but you can see the printed material laying in front. Please invite these guys for a visit...they promise to behave like gentlemen! F110 Snowed In, F111 Snow House, F112 Snow Friends.

Above are the 7 models for Tiny Tidings XVI. We've never squeezed this many designs in before, and this photo shows why I use a professional photographer. It's hard to shoot them all together and get them looking right. There is also an embellishment pack for this chartpak. #150, E150.

Here he is!  Santa is our 7th important man this year!  He's cheery and happy to be headed to your house with his overflowing sleigh. There's also an embellishment pack for this Snippet. S100, S100E.

This is our new Inspiration Boxer kit "When We Do". It's the 2nd in our inspirational series. Many blog posts ago, we followed this group of designs through the development process. We were aiming for a vintage look in the design and the printing. Boxer also includes bonus design for the bluebird fob. Kit includes 32 ct. Flax Belfast linen, designs, hand-dyed raspberry flower buttons and chartreuse beads (for the fob). K34.

Here's what's been keeping us BUSY for the last few months!  They should land in a great needlework shop near you very soon. If they're not there, please ask them to order! If you need help locating a needlework shop, check our website for shop listings. Please support your local needlework shops...they're the best!  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My night with Keith Urban!

Keith brought his "Get Closer" show to Ta-town last night...and I was there! It may have been a Tuesday night, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the fans at the arena. There were so many cowboy boots and short skirts, it was an eyeful. Not to mention Keith!

Am I a country western fan? Not really.
Do I know the words to Keith Urban songs? Sadly, no.
What did I say when my girlfriends invited me many months ago? Sure!

I really intended to do some prep ahead of time, listening to his songs and getting Keith-educated. (Hey, I do know that he's married to Nicole Kidman.) But, just like my Spanish homework, I wasn't ready for the pop quiz. But I had a fantastic time, anyway!

After the warm up music of Jake Owen, Keith played non-stop for over 2 hours.  He had so much energy, as he tore up the main stage and a couple extra little stages scattered around the was amazing! It was also fun to hear him chat in his Australian accent. He even worked in a mini-rendition of the classic "Wichita Linemen" for his Wichita faithful! In above photo you can see mini-Keith (bottom center) and giant Keith on the cool circular screen.  The set and lighting were awesome and constantly changing!

Among his many guitars, Keith used a fancy light up guitar. It doesn't look great in my photo, but it changed colors as he played, had different light patterns and definitely kept my eyes on Keith!  Did I say that he looks pretty good in a pair of torn jeans? 

But the end of night, Keith was all sweaty and his trademark locks were a little droopy. (Actually, this happened about fifteen minutes into the show.) But it didn't dampen his spirits, or ours. It was a late night for this empty-nester, but I can say that Keith and I definitely "got closer"...and wasn't that the point of his tour?!  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Adios, 4 chubby men!

It takes hours to put shipping labels on everything, but we're finally finished! We have a nice pile for the UPS man and a separate stack of stuff to deliver to the Post Office loading dock at our local airport. The shipping method depends on where it is going and how big (heavy) it is! About 10% of our business is outside the US, so those customers are very specific about shipping method. Overseas shipping is really expensive!

What's next?  Cleaning the office, of course!  After 5 days of assembling, packing and shipping the place is...well, a MESS of holiday proportions!  Sure, it's a lot emptier than it was a few hours ago, but it's time for the elves to clean Santa's workshop. 

While we wait for those elves to show up, here's a preview list of what's coming to a needlework shop near you later this week:

* 6 Fat Men Flip-its - the first 3 snowman in the series (check our website soon for FREE border and instructions for combining the men into one big snow fest.
* Santa '11 - Santa's sleigh is overflowing with goodies and beautiful holiday color (Embellishment pack available)
* Tiny Tidings XVI - the first time we've ever squeezed 7 designs in this annual chartpak. Includes some unique finishing ideas as gift tags, wine bags and bags for gift jars. (Embellishment pack available)
* Inspiration Boxer "When we do what we can, God will do what we cannot". This includes bonus design for a sweet bluebird fob project.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 Fat Men get stripped!

Oh my! When we put the bitty zip bags containing embellishments on the Glu-Dots, we call it "stripping"! So, when the printing arrived last week, we pulled the individual bags off their "strips" and attached them to the 6 Fat Men Flip-its. Yea...the 6 Fat Men are now all stripped and ready to ship!

We spent most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday finishing assembly on the new goodies and packing them in boxes. Lots of stores contract with us to "automatically" receive the new releases ASAP. Literally, these designs were hot off the presses. Some new items had been here for a week or two, but this last batch arrived in the "St. Nick" of time...including this year's Santa!

We do order packing assembling line style. Alan types all the invoices in advance, according to each shop's instructions. Then we divide the shipping table into 2 spaces. On the back side I have the invoices, and pull the inventory from my little assembly line.  Then I hand it to Alan on the other side of the table who selects the appropriate sized box and packs it up - he prides himself on a well-packed box!

By Saturday morning we were making such good progress on our packing, we joined our friends for a bike ride. After a summer of dismally hot weather, we finally had a cool morning to trek around the county. We rode to the little town of Bentley (20 miles away) where we had a yummy breakfast at the Bentley Bar & Grill, otherwise known as the Roadkill Cafe. The dress code was overalls, but we showed up in our geeky bike gear.

It was a beautiful morning for a ride, and I brought my camera, of course. I have a nifty little bag that hooks right to my bike frame with Velcro where I can easily reach it. For you city's some of what we saw along the way!

Miniature horses!  Yes, a farm where they raise little horses. They weren't very close to the road, so I zoomed in as far as I could for these mini horses!

Corn!  The only corn that is alive this year is the irrigated stuff, like this. The dry land corn is toasty and brown...sad year for the farmers.

This is what the river looks like - the sandbars are so big you can almost walk across, and there's vegetation growing on the sandbar. Drought!

Back to work and more packing. Gotta keep up our strength with some M & M refreshments!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Care and feeding of Elves 101

OK...the elves did show up!  No cute little costumes, but our friends Doug and Vicki are cute enough without the pointy ears. They showed up at our house/office after their real jobs and volunteered to help with this shipment. In return, I fed them!

I found a pan of enchiladas in my freezer. Check out the recipe from my daughter Ali's blog - I baked those and added 2 kinds of Mexi-cheese (elves are known to favor cheese). Doug showed up with a big bag of frozen food and whipped up this frozen concoction that made us all feel happy (and berry healthy), as we anticipated the strenuous work ahead.

After dinner, we cleared the kitchen table and got to work on a variety of assembly tasks...sacking Tiny Tidings XVI chartpaks, assembling 6 Fat Men Flip-its and assembling more of those Santa '11 Embellishment packs.

We took a break for some yummy ice cream pie I whipped up earlier. This is SO easy, and everyone loves it.  I used a pre-made graham cracker crust, then layered on 2 flavors of ice cream (chocolate chip and cappuccino chunky chocolate. In between the layers and on top I sprinkled some Heath bar chips.  Then top with hot caramel topping and whipped cream...and Santa's workshop is a happy place!

Alan is such an over-achiever, he was multi-tasking...eating pie and assembling embellishment packs at the same time. And who said he couldn't multi-task?!

Alas, the elves went home and we continued packing orders into the night. It really goes smoothly when the phone isn't ringing and you've had some good elf food for energy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At home at the North Pole

Is this Santa's workshop, or does it just look that way!  Actually, I think Santa's workshop (if I can rely on those clever Santa Clause movies) is a whole lot cuter!

But we are busy as elves putting together the newest batch of L*K printing. They may not look as pretty, but getting those big boxes from the printer today is like Christmas morning to us!  Except when we open these boxes, we're not kicking back and relaxing...we're springing into action!

Our faithful part-time helper Carmen was here this morning, busily attaching snowflake charms to the 6 Fat Men Flip-its. Her son Elizeo has been coming to the office all summer (enjoying our computer and wireless internet!), and we'll miss him next week when he returns to school. Carmen usually helps us 2 mornings a week, but this week she agreed to work an extra day.

Carmen is a WONDERFUL helper here at L*K...and even doubles as my Spanish tutor. I'm giving my brain a rest from Spanish studies this summer, but I have been trying to learn Spanish for the last few years. It turns out, it's pretty hard to learn a foreign language when:
*you begin at age 50 (and studied German in school)
*you aren't faithful with your homework
*you talk too much in class
But it's still on my bucket list, and I am determined to dust off my dicionario and improve my Spanish skills. !Definitivamente!

Meanwhile (mientras, back at Santa's workshop, we're busy assembling Flip-its and making Santa's embellishment packs. Formula: one white snowflake button, 3 tiny black buttons and a pinch of beads go in every pack.

Tomorrow...packing the sleigh...I mean, the orders!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To the bindery, baby!

Back to our favorite 6 Fat Men...and Santa (can't forget him!).  I guess that makes 7 Fat Men on their long path to your favorite needlework shops. The photo below is the press sheet I brought home yesterday after we did the final color check.

Today we visit the bindery in another part of the print building. After the big, beautiful pile of press sheets have a little time to dry, they move to the bindery.  I'm sure you noticed that all 8 designs and the embellishment tag are ganged up together on the press sheet. They're all cozy and close, but now we need to separate them...separation anxiety!

Please put on your big protective ear covers for this part of the field trip, because it's noisy in here!

Here's one of the machines that processes the big press sheet. Before we can cut the items apart, we need to SCORE them. What is scoring? Scoring actually puts long creases in the paper (in all the right places) so the folding can occur without cracking the paper. We don't want any unsightly paper cracking!, .

One more little bit of printing trivia (sorry, I love this stuff) is important to print with the direction of the paper whenever possible.  Yes...paper has a direction, just like fabric!  Scroll back up to the photo of the whole press sheet. You can see that all the folds will occur in the same direction, which is how we like it!

With all the scoring done, it's time to cut and fold. This time we printed 6 Flip-its, 1 Snippet, 1 Quick-it (this item won't be available until later this fall) and one embellishment pack tag. When we deliver the graphics files to the printer, they include instructions for how to trim our designs to the proper finished size.

Does anyone know the phrase "full color bleed"? No, it's not a medical term. It's the printing process that allows the color to go all the way to the edge on the printing. In order to achieve this, we actually print extra color all the way around each design. Then, it is trimmed off, so the finished project doesn't have a ring of white around the edge. (That reminds of those funny commercials from my youth about the horrors of "ring around the collar" in your laundry!). But I digress.... 

Now I'm busy at my desk, catching up on other stuff, waiting for the printer to let me know when our printing will deliver. It might be late this afternoon, but probably tomorrow morning. Whenever it gets here, we're ready to get to work assembling!!! You can't pack orders until the products are assembled.

The snowflake buttons are all nestled on their trusty Glu-Dots. There are lots of extra snowflake buttons standing by in case they are called to duty. Our helper Carmen is going to work a few extra hours to help us with the big work crunch...she's the best! 

We're still waiting for those elves to show up!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

6 Fat Men on the move!

They may be chubby, but these 6 jolly men are setting a fast pace!  Yesterday we looked at 2 sets of printer proofs (color and black/white).  After making one minor change and approving those, the printer got things ready for the press.

I use different printing processes for different products, mostly depending on the quantity required. I have 3 local printers who are all awesome, and all super helpful. When I print Flip-its, it is a LARGE press run, so I use the BIG printing press. To make things as cost effective as possible, I try to fill the entire press sheet, jamming the whole Flip-it series and anything else I have ready that will fit.

Here's the pressman standing in front of the BIG printing press. The press is the big long machine behind him. It even has a little stairway and platform all around it that he uses to keep things running smoothly. Behind him (rather hidden in this photo) is where the finished printing emerges. 

When I have a job on the press, I am "on call" with the printer. (Sounds important...HA!) They told me yesterday to expect a press time today, then called this morning with an exact time for me to arrive.  Before I get there, they have already made the plates with the L*K goodies and put the job on the press. Then they have start preliminary printing, carefully adjusting color so it matches the proofs I approved yesterday. By the time I arrive, everything is looking colorful and nice.

This table is next to the giant printer in the previous photo. On top is the L*K press sheet for our approval. You can see there are a zillion little knobs and adjustments that the pressman uses to get things "just right". I rarely make changes at this stage, but it is possible to make all sorts of color adjustments...on the whole sheet, or selectively on certain parts of the press sheet. 

Here we are...the whole happy gang! Left is my printing rep, then me holding up the pretty press sheet, then the 2 pressmen. We're all happy because I just signed my name and they can proceed with the printing. They tell me it's pretty rare for someone to want their photo. I remind them that I'm their only cross stitch client!

Tomorrow's itinerary...field trip to the bindery!  Remember your permission slips!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Countdown continues with SNEAK PEEK on Santa '11

Our countdown continues toward printing and distributing our new batch of holiday goodies. Today we got color proofs from the printer. Our rep delivered to our office/house and I took awhile we look them over...AGAIN.

No, this isn't the same photo I used in the last post. These are the color proofs from the printer. Notice how the front and back covers are both on the same sheet. After they are printed, they will go to the bindery. Then will use a machine to "score" the paper so it can be folded. Then the front and back will wrap around to become...well, the front and the back! 

BTW...I'm thrilled with how the color looks on these proofs. I deliver the actual models to the printer so they can match color as carefully as possible during this process. They did an awesome job!

What's this? I also get separate proofs for the black/white insides of each design. On the next set of proofs (maybe tomorrow?), the inside and outside of each design are combined (stapled together actually). Then we can make sure everything is right side up.  Have you ever opened a design and everything inside is backwards or upside down? It's an easy mistake!

And now for the SNEAK PEEK!  Today we're also proofing this year's Snippet Santa and the matching embellishment pack.  You can see Santa is coming our way in a super sleigh this year. Check out the funny little skinny rectangular proof on this photo - this will become the little embellishment pack insert. The cover is on the right side and the back portion is on the left side of the proof. 

We'll be VERY busy later this week sacking these inserts and adding the buttons and beads into each embellishment pack. WOW - we could really use some elves around here!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Countdown to 6 Fat Men!

The last time we checked in on our favorite chubby guys (July 22 post) we were busy pulling all the info together for the graphic designer. I had finished stitching all of the models, got them framed, and photographed each and every one. I gave the photo files, the graph and instruction files and the actual models to Janice, my graphic designer, so she could work her magic. I also pulled all of the men together for a big GROUP PHOTO - more about that in a future post!

I think I've told you a bit about Janice before, but she deserves some extra space!  Janice is a long time friend (she sewed me crib bumpers when Alison was a baby!) and a very talented gal. She is a full time graphic designer (her day job) but freelances for L*K on nights and weekends. Janice is also a talented seamstress - she used to be the finisher for my LNS.  If that isn't enough, she is also a cross stitcher...which is SO helpful because she actually understands what we are publishing!

Janice is the one who makes L*K designs look good on the shelves. She takes all the info I give her and arranges it on the pages for the printer. Janice adds backgrounds, fun graphics and all the special things that make a L*K design look like....well, an L*K design! Collaborating with Janice on how my designs will look is one of my favorite parts of my job.  I send her ideas about how I want something to look, she tweaks them (often comes up with something better) and makes it happen. Because Janice is free-lancing for L*K, we work some really weird after dark! But I try to be available whenever she is sending files and ready to work!

Here are our working files on the 6 Fat Men Flip-it series. Check out the pretty background colors! We love coordinating the whole series, so they will look pretty on the LNS shelves, and in your hands. These are color printouts of the front and back covers, and black/white printouts of the insides of each graph.  Time to proof, proof, proof! I look for corrections, along with my proofer Melissa, and we submit changes back to Janice. Then she sends us corrected files, and we do it all over again. It's a evolving PROCESS!

Here is our new little 6 Fat Men logo that will appear on each snowman in the series! We also added a fun little snowman saying to each Flip-it, besides the one that appears in the stitchery!  I love the saying on this one..."Wearing white is always appropriate".

Stay tuned - the snowman countdown continues this week!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Rocky Mountain High!

OK...I live in Kansas...where the weather this summer is HIDEOUSLY HOT!!! But a 10 hour drive to the west lands us in the mountains of  Colorado. ROAD TRIP!!!

We loaded 3 cars, 9 friends and a lot of STUFF and made the long, uphill drive to Breckenridge, a lovely Victorian town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The further west we drove, the temperature and humidity dropped and giddy smiles came to our faces. Thanks to the generosity of other friends, we borrowed a great house for our Rocky Mountain adventure.

How to summarize our long weekend???

We rode bikes (mostly downhill) to Frisco, the town next door. The views as we pedaled were gorgeous...majestic mountains, tall trees and wildflowers everywhere!

We stopped to smell the flowers along the way. That's me on the left and my friends Connie (front) and Vicki (right). 

We took the chairlift to the top of the mountain...

...and (slowly) hiked all the way down.  We walked through lots of ski runs, mountain biking paths and flowers....more wild flowers! (I think I have enough flower photos for an entire album!).

We also took the a shorter chairlift up Peak 8 and rode the Alpine slide down. This is SO much fun!  It's a great summer activity where you ride a little sled down the mountains...zigging and zagging...and going as fast (or slow) as you choose.  We had some great competition as we rode side by side in different lanes.

In between all the strenuous biking, hiking, sledding, whitewater rafting, etc....we managed a little shopping. Here's my favorite place to shop in Breckenridge, the Bay Street Co.  It's beautiful inside, but the stunning gardens outside are a real treat! 

We also had to refuel, and had a great time cooking and eating at our weekend home. Eddie, the bacon master, was the first in the kitchen every morning. 

Alas, our long weekend came to an end, and we returned home. During our 10 hour drive the temperature dropped more than 50 degrees - YIKES!  It was 52 when we left Colorado in the morning, and 105 when we arrived home at dinner time.  

Ah....fond memories of our Rocky Mountain High!