Friday, November 15, 2019

Needle Nick and Flossie Claus are BACK!!!

Just in time for holiday stitching, our favorite holiday duo are back!!!

We are so excited to bring Needle Nick and Flossie Claus back again, after an absence of more than a decade. Remarkably, this dynamic duo haven't aged a bit. And who else can say that?!

Needle Nick

Flossie Claus

Needle Nick and Flossie Claus...aka Santa and Mrs. Claus...are now available at We've given our pair a slight makeover with new fabric and an impressive stash of embellishments. They are each available as a pattern (not a kit, no fabric included) with all the fun embellishments included.

Needle Nick - pattern with embellishments

Check out the goodies included with Needle Nick: straw basket, greenery, tiny pinecone, candy cane, ribbon, beads, Kreinik gold ribbon, 2 gold bells and 6 star charms. All adorable!

Use the suggested fabric - 28 ct. Natural Linen, or choose your favorite neutral fabric. He's your own jolly old elf!

Flossie Claus - pattern with embellishments

And of course Santa's companion, Flossie Claus, comes with her own set of cute embellishments: straw basket, greenery, tiny pine cone, candy cane, ribbon, eyeglasses charm, stork scissor charm, green beads, red buttons, Kreinik gold ribbon, and Glissen Gloss Estaz. WOW!

Flossie Claus model was also stitched on 28 ct. Natural Light linen.

FUN FACT: When we first introduced Mrs. Claus many years ago, we had an online contest to choose her name. It was great fun, and a little controversial, as everyone submitted their names for Mrs. Claus. It turns out everyone didn't agree and some were quite adamant that the proper name was Holly or Merry. We chose the top 10 names submitted, had an online vote, and Flossie Claus was selected. We think she's the perfect companion for Needle Nick. Together after all these years... 

***We're thrilled to have Needle Nick and Flossie Claus available for stitchers once again! They were originally retired many years ago when the fabric was discontinued, and many of our original embellishments were no longer available. 

"Yes, Virginia...there is a Santa Claus"...and a Mrs. Claus...and they're a darling duo for holiday stitching!

Friday, September 27, 2019

BIG Lizzie*Kate Model Sale!!!

Guess who stitched every single L*K model? That would be ME!!!

I never did figure out how to use a model stitcher. The stitching process was part of my creative process. I made lots and lots of design and thread changes while stitching a model. Often the finished model was quite different than what I originally planned.

Guess who has hundreds of beautiful models that need a new home? That would also be ME!!!

My local needlework shop, Heart's Desire in Wichita, Kansas is having

When? NOW!!!

Debbie and I at Heart's Desire "model mania"

Big models (Flip-it series!!!), small models...

Debbie and the wonderful Heart's Desire staff have been working for weeks to get ready for this event. They've artfully displayed dozens of models, often grouped according to season or theme. There's also a very reasonable price tag attached to each one. The prices are unbeatable - there's no way you could complete the project yourself for these prices.

These are the legit models that I stitched to be photographed for the covers of countless L*K publications. Some of them have also spent time traveling in trunk shows and have seen needlework shops all over the country.

Christmas models...

Old models (that's not referring to Debbie and I), new models...

Want to give an L*K model a good home? Or perhaps purchase it for a gift?

Would you like a specific L*K model?

***Just contact Debbie and the HD gang and they can answer your questions. They're also happy to promptly ship your purchase.

Heart's Desire

If you want to make a field trip to scenic Wichita, here's the address:

Heart's Desire
3210 E. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67208

Heart's Desire is a super special needlework shop. It's located in an historic area in a beautiful old building with high ceilings and a giant skylight. But even better are the creative displays with antiques and all sorts of goodies spread throughout the large space...with beautiful finished models and cross stitch supplies everywhere! In addition, Debbie does gorgeous custom framing.

I'm delighted to offer these models for sale as a bit of L*K nostalgia...and to clear room in my office and basement. After 22 years designing...190 chartpaks, 170 Flip-its, 134 Snippets, 59 Boxer kits, 95 kits, magazine projects and more...that's a lot of models. Not to mention...many of these publications had multiple models. Yikes!!!

Here's a bit of L*K happiness from my needle to your house!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler is now complete!

Woo hoo! It's finally time for the Part 3 - the third and FINAL part of our Frightful Mystery Sampler!

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 3

Can you tell what's different about the Part 3 cover?  It's the giant PHOTO of the finished sampler, of course! 

Until now, there have been no accompanying photos with Part 1 and Part 2. That's the mysterious part!

Now the "mystery" is revealed/SOLVED!!! 

If you're one of those stitchers who can't get into the groove of stitching something "sight unseen", now is the time to join the club and begin your FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler journey...minus the suspense! You'll enjoy a beautiful autumn sampler you will love for years to come.

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 1

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2

All 3 parts of FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler are now available for immediate shipment. Part 2 also includes the BONUS design for Just a Little Hocus Pocus. 

FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny

And don't forget the FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny to park your needle on your mystery style!

Happy FRIGHTFUL Fall, y'all!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Sweet Summer FREEBIE "Challenge" Update!

Remember the Sweet Summer FREEBIE we posted recently? Have you stitched it yet?

The Sweet Summer "challenge" was to select your own threads for our free graph. You can match threads to colors on graph or go "sweet summer crazy" and do your own colorful thing!

Click HERE for Sweet Summer FREE graph

I'd like to show you some of the darling pics we've seen on the Facebook group - I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs. If I've missed your post, I apologize. I tried to scroll and scroll and find them far.

Denise Paprota Lapp gets "extra credit" for her cute background!

Rita Burris Ellis chose some cool colors!

Love the purple lettering that April Knap chose!

Gotta know what's in that gorgeous blue drink from Luella Zipsie?!

Robin Key Rexroad chose some lovely golden "sunflower" threads for lettering

Adorable summer wreath from Suzanne Patterson Harkinson

Vicki Lee Workman Haynes found the perfect "chair" for her challenge!

Summer is coming to an end, but this FREEBIE is here to stay! Stitch your own Sweet Summer and post a picture on Facebook page I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs.

***If you're not already a member of this closed group, just click join and wait for confirmation. We'd love to welcome you!!

Happy Labor Day holiday everyone!

Friday, August 16, 2019

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2 is ready!

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2 is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Click here for FRIGHTFUL Part 2

Our summer of stitching suspense continues with the second part of the mystery sampler. This portion of the design will be stitched directly below the first part. The graph will show you how to join the's easy!

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2

Also included with Part 2 is our Hocus Pocus BONUS. It uses the same threads as the sampler. Choose your favorite fabric....maybe something from your stash? Enjoy and do your own thing!

Hocus Pocus BONUS Freebie

We finished our Hocus Pocus with a darling orange frame, but the possibilities are endless. Maybe a super cute pillow with some fun trim? A flat finish with some gorgeous Halloween fabric? The choice is yours!

FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny

And if that isn't enough, there's a new FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny available! This darling magnetic dot doesn't "reveal" the mystery, but it's a portion of the final design. Which part could it be???

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 1

If you haven't started to stitch worries. Our "Halloween party" is just getting spooky. Part 1 is always available. 

The FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler will conclude with the release of Part 3 in September. That's leaves everyone plenty of time to finish before Halloween...or next Halloween. Happy spooky summer!

Monday, August 5, 2019


WHEW! It's hot and sunny here in Kansas. It sure feels like SUMMER!

Family lake photo

Our daughter Ali was recently home from Barcelona, so we imported Jeff and Sarah from Chicago so we could spend some family time together. Sorry, Barclay....we missed you...see you at Christmas!

One morning we had the crazy idea for everyone to go out on the water and take a picture. We emptied our dock of water craft (paddleboards, kayaks) and managed a selfie without any crashes or wet iphones. It seemed like we were practically on top of each other, but it sure doesn't look that way in the photo. Ali was the brave one holding the camera so she's big and we're tiny!

Time in the water is our fave thing to do when it gets hot...what's yours? 
***LEAVE A COMMENT with your favorite summertime "thing" below!

How about finding a cool place to stitch with your favorite drink and relax? And that's even better with a summer FREEBIE!

What's different about our Sweet Summer chart? No, it's not a mistake...the color key is missing. We're challenging you to create your own colorful summer masterpiece. Choose threads from your stash that match our color photo, or change it up completely. It's totally up to you. 

****When you're done stitching your personalized Sweet Summer, snap a quick picture and post it to the I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Facebook page. If you're not already a member, just click JOIN and you'll be approved soon. You will love this busy, creative Facebook group.

About that Facebook page...we are thrilled to say that membership at I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs just soared over 6000 enthusiastic stitchers. We are thrilled that this community is active and growing!

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead as creative stitchers post their personalized versions of Sweet Summer. Enjoy, everyone!

Monday, July 22, 2019

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Sneak Peek!

It's that time of year again....Mystery Sampler Time!!!

If you haven't heard, we decided to do another Mystery Sampler, and Part 1 is available NOW!!

Our Halloween mystery will be unfolding in 3 parts for a summer of stitching suspense. Part 1 is available NOW...including the optional embellishment pack. Part 2 will be available mid-August, with the final Part 3 coming in mid September.

Just like all mystery samplers, you can't see a pic of the finished sampler yet. I know...that's why it's called a mystery sampler!

But here's a sneak peek photo with the threads we used. Can you uncover some of the mystery by studying the pic below?

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Sneak Peek

***One more thing...FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2 will include a BONUS Halloween design. Check back soon for a preview pic of the "A Little Hocus Pocus" BONUS design.

You're invited to join our "L*K Mystery Sampler Club" and stitch along with cross stitchers all over the world. We promise you a summer of stitching mystery and fun!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

It's Halloween Mystery Sampler Time!

Ready for a summer surprise? We're doing another summer mystery club, and we can't wait to share the news with all of you. Introducing our...

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Club!

We are partnering with our friends at for our 7th mystery sampler.

What's a mystery sampler? Many of you know because you have joined us for previous Mystery Sampler projects. But for our rookie detectives, it's a sampler that unfolds in parts. The big mystery is...what will it look like?! Because unlike every other L*K project, there is NO PHOTO on the front (I's mysterious!). You receive a portion of the design for 3 months. As you stitch, the project develops and the mystery unfolds!

Mystery Samplers are so fun and popular because it's a giant club with stitchers literally all over the world. And it's our favorite kind of club, because EVERYONE is invited and warmly welcomed.


* 3-part series will be available on July 16, mid-August and mid-September (finished in time for Halloween, of course).

Stitch Count for FRIGHTFUL is 82W x 283H. It's a tall, skinny sampler.

FRIGHTFUL is stitched on Natural Light linen. This beautiful neutral color is available in 28 or 32 count linen, or  Aida. You can also personalize with your own fabric choice.

FRIGHTFUL was stitched with lovely overdyed threads from Weeks Dye Works. We used 11 skeins for the entire project, not including the bonus design. There are also DMC equivalents available.

* We are including a BONUS project with Part 2 of the mystery. More about that later!

FRIGHTFUL Embellishment Pack includes goodies for the large sampler as well as the BONUS design. We've selected some fun buttons from Just Another Button Company as well as beads from Mill Hill.

*We will also have a FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Needle Nanny! Our gal pals at Zappy Dots are making us a spooky collectible FRIGHTFUL"dot". It's the perfect place to park your needle while you're watching the mystery unfold.

Here's a link to a reservation page at

Check back soon here for more FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Club teasers!

Mysteriously yours, 

Monday, June 17, 2019

New "FLOWER" design - now ONLY at Heart's Desire in Wichita

Is  cross stitching your "heart's desire"? In my hometown of Wichita, Kansas this is the name of our fabulous local needlework shop - Heart's Desire. Don't you think it's the perfect name for a cross stitch store?!

I've been shopping and hanging out at Heart's Desire long before I thought about designing. I've followed them faithfully to 3 different locations. I remember when my girls were babies and I loaded them up - strategically planning around nap times - for a little cross stitch therapy for myself. Heart's Desire has been my "happy place" for decades!

Debbie (the owner) and her team have been super important to L*K over the years. I use them for all of my framing, which has been incredibly helpful. Debbie has also been my faithful proof reader - a tricky job, for sure. Heart's Desire is also my go to place for extra supplies and advice on projects in progress. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes...or 2 or 3...when a project needs help.

***To celebrate our special relationship with Debbie and the HD gang, I've designed an exclusive project just for Heart's Desire.

It's called FLOWER...and you guessed's a bouquet of summer flowery happiness! We've included a small silver heart charm, just to make sure Alan hasn't forgotten how to put charms in tiny bags.

Linda from Heart's Desire stitched these darling "littles" from FLOWER

FLOWER design will only be available from Heart's Desire, so if you need some "flower power" in your life...and don't live near Wichita,'s how to contact them.

Heart's Desire

Do you see a road trip to Kansas in your future? If you've never been to Heart's Desire, I have to tell's worth it! Heart's Desire is a gorgeous, large shop in a cool historic building just east of scenic downtown "Ta-town". There's a huge selection of everything cross stitch, displayed in beautiful vignettes and themes. It's a delight to visit!

I'll be at Heart's Desire on Saturday, June 22 from 11AM - 1 PM. I'll be happy to sign your Flower pattern, or just enjoy a chat together.

Let's enjoy a FLOWER (in stitches) together this summer!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Liberty Sam lives!

Remember our old "standup kits"? I think the answer is YES because we've been getting so many requests for them to reappear. It seems there has been an informal campaign to "lobby" L*K and to republish these oldsters?!

Our standup kit series began many, many years ago with a garden-themed bunny called Henry O'Hare (K09). I vividly remember assembling hundreds of these one weekend when my husband was out of town. I'm not sure where my kids were (I hope I remembered to feed them?) while I had a bunny assembly blitz in my basement. Back in the day we used to stuff kits with paper shred and our basement was a confetti mess for weeks afterwards.

Over the years we added to the "standup family" with 3 more bunnies, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Halloween characters and an Uncle Sam. Like many series, I never intended stand-up kits to be a series, but that's how it evolved.

Liberty Sam is back!!!

We're so excited to bring Liberty Sam back, nearly 20 years after he originally premiered. He sure is aging well...right?!

Liberty Sam Chart with embellishments

We restitched our model and managed to locate sources for the embellishments we originally used. They're not identical, but they look fantastic...and so does Liberty Sam.

Liberty Sam returns!

Liberty Sam will include the pattern and embellishments. The suggested fabric (or choose your own favorite) and threads are sold separately.

We can't wait to see ol' Liberty Sam back in circulation, just in time for his favorite patriotic holiday this summer. You'll enjoy getting him out year after year to celebrate the Fourth of July and all things summer!

Liberty Sam will be available SOON from our friends at Click here

Have a Happy Red White & Blue Summer!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Time for an Easter Parade!

Do you know the tradition of an Easter Parade? I remember the song from when I was a kid...

But mostly I remember getting a new Easter dress every year when I was young. At our house, "getting a dress" meant planning weeks ahead so my mom could sew it. We began with a trip to the neighborhood fabric store, perusing those thick pattern books and selecting fabric and trim. Then I'd try to be patient while mom diligently sewed. She was an amazing seamstress and sewed almost everything in my closet for many years.

Many fittings - and Mom's hard work later - I got to debut my Easter dress at Sunday school and church. Of course some years the fickle Kansas spring weather didn't cooperate and my pastel dress really needed to be flannel and fur. But always made me smile to wear my new Easter finery. Did I mention that white shoes were always important at Easter? White shoes signaled the true beginning of springtime.

We're proud to debut a different sort of Easter Parade this year at L*K!

Does anyone recognize these 3 designs? They are oldies from the L*K archives. Each project was originally a "promotional" kit from a springtime Nashville Needlework market. Several projects haven't been available for many years. Occasionally they pop up on the "I Love Stitching Lizzie*Kate" Facebook group, and there are always requests for here they are.

We've combined the trio into one chartpak and are bringing them out of retirement!!! Check out the larger pics of each colorful design.

Hip Hop

Egg Hunt


The folks at are also assembling an optional embellishment pack (sold separately) with all the buttons for all 3 projects.

***Do you have a favorite Easter dress/Easter parade story to tell?
Leave a COMMENT below and we'll share some Easter fun!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

L*K Facebook Fun!


It's been a bit since I've posted, so I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! I find myself having a hard time putting away my favorite Christmas things. I've slowly been un-decorating, removing goodies a bit at a time. Sadly, they are piled downstairs, awaiting the "final removal" so I can orderly pack everything away. (At least that's my excuse for not putting everything away yet.)

Just today I removed my "favorite things" from my kitchen countertops. I brought back this darling little rolling pin and the red/white ceramic ornaments when we were in Germany at the Christmas markets in December (it's not Christmas unless you have mushrooms on your tree!). This display just makes me smile.

Does anyone else have trouble parting with their favorite Christmas decor? I still can't bring myself to put away (throw away?) our little gingerbread houses we made together over Thanksgiving.

But I do admit, I also love "freshening" my house after the holidays...putting away the color and enjoying lots of refreshing WHITE in my my collection of old white pitchers. Never can have enough of these for me.

But the real reason for this post....
I just wanted to drop in and remind everyone about our L*K "fan page" on Facebook.

It's called I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs. It's a "closed group", so you need to request membership. It's easy - just click and wait to be added.

Why should you join the group?
It's just SO MUCH FUN! There are daily posts from stitchers all over the world with their L*K projects in progress and finished. SO. MANY. CREATIVE stitchers out there, doing their own thing with L*K designs.

One fun part of this FB group is the variety. There are newer L*K designs as well as 20 year old "golden oldie" designs. Stitchers are posting projects they're doing for themselves, as well as lots of beautiful finishes purposed for giving. I often see finishes I wish I had created for my models and cover photographs. So much inspiration.

I also love the sense of COMMUNITY on the I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs Facebook page. Everyone is encouraging and helpful - it's just a delight to do a daily browse.

This Facebook page was began many years ago by a shopowner - we didn't even know it was out there for a while.  Wilma faithfully moderated the page and nurtured the community of L*K stitchers.

After Wilma requested a well-deserved break, we asked a stitcher friend to be the page moderator. Again, Carla was fantastic at attending to the daily monitoring of the fan page. We remain so grateful for the time and energy that Wilma and Carla both generously gave to the Admin role.

And now it's Alan's turn! When we announced our retirement in 2018, Alan took over as Admin for the Facebook page. Several time a day he checks in, looking for member requests. Then he gleefully reports to me "I approved some new members!". It's so interesting to see where everyone lives - literally all over the US and around the world.

PLEASE consider joining our little Facebook community. Lots of enthusiastic stitchers with fabulous finishes are waiting to welcome you...and so are we! And really...let's keep Alan busy with his admin duties.

***On another note...wanted to share a picture of our holiday culinary experiment. We made a BUCHE De NOEL or Yule Log Cake!

Our New Year's Eve Buche de Noel (with meringue mushrooms, not boiled eggs!)

What is a Buche de Noel? 
It's a traditional cake for Christmas or New Year. The cake is French in origin and it's name means Christmas log. It's derived from the age-old practice of burning yule logs during the holiday season.

Tasty meringue mushrooms - so sweet and fun to make

Basically you bake a thin sheet cake, roll it up with filling, and frost to resemble a log! Alan and I watched a few you tube videos, then got to work on our "buche experiment". For extra credit we made some meringue mushrooms to add to our woodsy cake presentation.

We surprised our friends on New Year's Even with our "edible log" dessert. Everyone enjoyed having their slice of the decadent chocolate dessert. The airy meringue mushrooms were a big hit, too.

After the party - a demolished log

After the party, the log was considerably smaller. But no worries...we finished off the tasty project ourselves the next day. Chocolate cake, chocolate filling, and chocolate icing...just the right amount of chocolate for us!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year with all the things that make you happy...friends, family, and loads of stitches!