Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Patriotic Freebies!

It's JULY and we're all still staying home...stitching, reading, baking (that's me!), doing whatever we're doing to be happy and well!

I remembered today that I've done several patriotic freebies over the years, and thought I'd share them. I know it's only a few days until July 4th, but our favorite red/white/blue holiday rolls around every year in the middle of the summer.

I wish you all a very happy and safe 4th of July celebration!

*I originally stitched POP on red fabric, but if you want to choose another color, you might want to add some red to your stitching (maybe the border or a stripe on the firecracker) so you have classic red/white/blue color scheme.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Be Kind Be Happy Be Well FREEBIE!!!

Every once in a while my husband give me an idea for a designs...unsolicited!

Usually my response is a polite "hmmm...interesting idea" or "maybe sometimes later", or some other non-committal comment. Because you know....some of his ideas are "unusual".

But a couple weeks ago we were discussing the COVID19 world in which we suddenly find ourselves, and we talked about the comforting power of cross stitching. Then he suddenly says he has a saying in mind "Be kind, be happy, be well".

And I said "I really LIKE that idea!". He was probably surprised, but I really did like the saying. So here it is...straight from BOTH of us!

Be Kind Be Happy Be Well FREEBIE!

Choose your favorite fabric...something that makes you happy. Use the colors we've suggested or do your own creative thing. 

Here's my idea (below) of being happy and being well. After recovering from surgery I got the doc's OK to get in my kayak (carefully to avoid cold water) and enjoy the lake in our backyard. Our temp is supposed to be 83 degrees this afternoon, so you can find me on the lake (after physical therapy this afternoon). Today I will trade the down vest for a big sun hat.

Be kind, Be happy, Be well, my friends!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Celebrate Spring Freebie!

What an interesting time in our lives...right?

In the past few weeks I've read so many thoughtful and memorable blogs, and Instagram posts about life with COVID 19. I've watched numerous inspiring stories on TV (being "old" I still watch TV, not just my computer).

I've prayed for family and friends near and far, and prayed more than ever for health professionals around the world.

I don't have any wise words to offer that haven't been said. But I do want to acknowledge the healing power of doing something you love. With that in mind, here's a little Spring freebie to keep your hands and hearts busy.

Click here for Celebrate Spring
Stitch Count is 28W x 41H

I've listed some selected colors, but you are welcome to customize and use whatever you have from your stash. You can also vary the background choose what makes your spring heart happy.

In the days ahead, I'll look forward to seeing your pictures of finished Celebrate Spring projects on our Facebook project sharing page - I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs.

Click here for I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs Facebook page

If you're not already a member of this group, visit and click JOIN and become a part of the celebration.

Our daughter Ali in Barcelona

***I've had a lot of inquiries about our daughter Ali and husband Barclay living in Barcelona. I'm happy to report they and their 2 dogs Henry and Fiona are doing well quarantined in their apartment. If you want to read and see more, click on link to Ali's food blog Gimme Some Oven.

Click here for Ali's blog post about life in Barcelona

Virtual hugs to you all!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The bunnies are BACK!!!

Our favorite rabbit duo are back!!! We're thrilled to bring Clara and Henry O'Hare back, just in time for spring and Easter stitching. Aren't these pastel colors just a breath of spring air?!

Clara and Henry O'Hare

We've updated Clara and Henry with beautiful new fabrics and updated embellishments and they're as adorable as they can be. These two have been out of print for many years. Interestingly, we think they haven't aged a bit...those clever little bunnies!

Clara O'Hare

Clara O'Hare includes straw hat, basket, tiny carrots, buttons, ribbon, garden tools and whiskers. We stitched Clara on beautiful 30 ct. Blush linen and finished her as a 3 dimensional stand-up. 

Henry O'Hare

Henry O'Hare comes with a large garden tool, buttons, silk flower boutonniere, pocket watch with chain (I love his adorable little silver watch chain!).

Clara and Henry O'Hare are available exclusively through our partnership with
When we retired in 2018, we discussed making some classic RETIRED L*K designs available again (as well as trying to maintain our ENTIRE L*K catalog of designs).Thankfully, was willing to put a great amount of effort and resources into L*K, and we are very grateful to their whole team. 

I send extra thanks to Joanne from for finding all of the darling embellishments that make Clara and Henry O'Hare come to life. Most of the original goodies were no longer available - some suppliers were no longer in business. Alan sends extra thanks to the team for assembling all of the embellishment packs. We did thousands of these in the past. It was fun, but tedious. I was happy to stitch the new Henry model!

***I am currently recovering from major surgery 4 weeks ago today (more about that in a future post). I'm so grateful to Alan for his constant care during this period. I am delighted to have these bunnies available at a time I couldn't have accomplished it myself! 

Here's a bit of L*K trivia...
Did you know that Clara O'Hare was the very first stand-up kit L*K ever designed? Back in the day...2003 to be exact...Clara was the new bunny on the block. Bunnies tend to multiply, and our bunny collection grew over the years to include Henry O'Hare (Clara's hubby) and children Paddy and Pansy O'Hare

Alas, all of the bunny kits were eventually retired.. The O'Hares went to that "big rabbit hutch" in the cross stitch sky...until now!

S135 Springtime Sampler

While I was in the springtime (right after Christmas when I was putting away Christmas decor), I designed a little sampler. I collected some of my favorite spring-y motifs and had a fabulous time stitching the model with my favorite spring colors. Can you ever have too many alphabets?!

Here's a link to blog to read about everything new!

I hope these spring stitches bring a bit of spring to your needle and your house. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sweet FREEBIE for Valentine's Day

Just in time for the "sweetest" holiday of the year, here's a little freebie. It's a quick and easy stitch with lots of pretty pink and rosy colors.

Be My Valentine Free Chart

If you'd like to see some finishes on this freebie, some "overachievers/speedy stitchers" have already posted finished pics on the I Love Stitching Lizzie*Kate Designs Facebook page. If you're not already part of this very special group, just click JOIN to be a part of our fun stitching community.

On another subject...
do you ever have trouble putting away your FAVORITE Christmas decorations?

This year I made these "tiny" gingerbread houses. They were a set of little bitty cookie cutters. Each house is less than 2" wide. I didn't do a great job - my royal icing was not the right consistency - but I did them anyway. Then I found the most adorable tiny trees on Amazon to complete the scene. Since I have them displayed on a red tray (with Epson salt snow) I decided to leave them out for Valentine's Day. This little village just makes me smile!

The story is the same with these gingerbread hearts. At Christmas they hung on a little tree in my kitchen. When I put the tree away, I moved the hearts to a kitchen wreath. These hearts look like Valentine's Day...right?! Again, they just make me happy, so why not enjoy them a little longer?

Enjoy your Valentine's Day freebie!!!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Needle Nick and Flossie Claus are BACK!!!

Just in time for holiday stitching, our favorite holiday duo are back!!!

We are so excited to bring Needle Nick and Flossie Claus back again, after an absence of more than a decade. Remarkably, this dynamic duo haven't aged a bit. And who else can say that?!

Needle Nick

Flossie Claus

Needle Nick and Flossie Claus...aka Santa and Mrs. Claus...are now available at We've given our pair a slight makeover with new fabric and an impressive stash of embellishments. They are each available as a pattern (not a kit, no fabric included) with all the fun embellishments included.

Needle Nick - pattern with embellishments

Check out the goodies included with Needle Nick: straw basket, greenery, tiny pinecone, candy cane, ribbon, beads, Kreinik gold ribbon, 2 gold bells and 6 star charms. All adorable!

Use the suggested fabric - 28 ct. Natural Linen, or choose your favorite neutral fabric. He's your own jolly old elf!

Flossie Claus - pattern with embellishments

And of course Santa's companion, Flossie Claus, comes with her own set of cute embellishments: straw basket, greenery, tiny pine cone, candy cane, ribbon, eyeglasses charm, stork scissor charm, green beads, red buttons, Kreinik gold ribbon, and Glissen Gloss Estaz. WOW!

Flossie Claus model was also stitched on 28 ct. Natural Light linen.

FUN FACT: When we first introduced Mrs. Claus many years ago, we had an online contest to choose her name. It was great fun, and a little controversial, as everyone submitted their names for Mrs. Claus. It turns out everyone didn't agree and some were quite adamant that the proper name was Holly or Merry. We chose the top 10 names submitted, had an online vote, and Flossie Claus was selected. We think she's the perfect companion for Needle Nick. Together after all these years... 

***We're thrilled to have Needle Nick and Flossie Claus available for stitchers once again! They were originally retired many years ago when the fabric was discontinued, and many of our original embellishments were no longer available. 

"Yes, Virginia...there is a Santa Claus"...and a Mrs. Claus...and they're a darling duo for holiday stitching!

Friday, September 27, 2019

BIG Lizzie*Kate Model Sale!!!

Guess who stitched every single L*K model? That would be ME!!!

I never did figure out how to use a model stitcher. The stitching process was part of my creative process. I made lots and lots of design and thread changes while stitching a model. Often the finished model was quite different than what I originally planned.

Guess who has hundreds of beautiful models that need a new home? That would also be ME!!!

My local needlework shop, Heart's Desire in Wichita, Kansas is having

When? NOW!!!

Debbie and I at Heart's Desire "model mania"

Big models (Flip-it series!!!), small models...

Debbie and the wonderful Heart's Desire staff have been working for weeks to get ready for this event. They've artfully displayed dozens of models, often grouped according to season or theme. There's also a very reasonable price tag attached to each one. The prices are unbeatable - there's no way you could complete the project yourself for these prices.

These are the legit models that I stitched to be photographed for the covers of countless L*K publications. Some of them have also spent time traveling in trunk shows and have seen needlework shops all over the country.

Christmas models...

Old models (that's not referring to Debbie and I), new models...

Want to give an L*K model a good home? Or perhaps purchase it for a gift?

Would you like a specific L*K model?

***Just contact Debbie and the HD gang and they can answer your questions. They're also happy to promptly ship your purchase.

Heart's Desire

If you want to make a field trip to scenic Wichita, here's the address:

Heart's Desire
3210 E. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67208

Heart's Desire is a super special needlework shop. It's located in an historic area in a beautiful old building with high ceilings and a giant skylight. But even better are the creative displays with antiques and all sorts of goodies spread throughout the large space...with beautiful finished models and cross stitch supplies everywhere! In addition, Debbie does gorgeous custom framing.

I'm delighted to offer these models for sale as a bit of L*K nostalgia...and to clear room in my office and basement. After 22 years designing...190 chartpaks, 170 Flip-its, 134 Snippets, 59 Boxer kits, 95 kits, magazine projects and more...that's a lot of models. Not to mention...many of these publications had multiple models. Yikes!!!

Here's a bit of L*K happiness from my needle to your house!