Monday, June 17, 2019

New "FLOWER" design - now ONLY at Heart's Desire in Wichita

Is  cross stitching your "heart's desire"? In my hometown of Wichita, Kansas this is the name of our fabulous local needlework shop - Heart's Desire. Don't you think it's the perfect name for a cross stitch store?!

I've been shopping and hanging out at Heart's Desire long before I thought about designing. I've followed them faithfully to 3 different locations. I remember when my girls were babies and I loaded them up - strategically planning around nap times - for a little cross stitch therapy for myself. Heart's Desire has been my "happy place" for decades!

Debbie (the owner) and her team have been super important to L*K over the years. I use them for all of my framing, which has been incredibly helpful. Debbie has also been my faithful proof reader - a tricky job, for sure. Heart's Desire is also my go to place for extra supplies and advice on projects in progress. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes...or 2 or 3...when a project needs help.

***To celebrate our special relationship with Debbie and the HD gang, I've designed an exclusive project just for Heart's Desire.

It's called FLOWER...and you guessed's a bouquet of summer flowery happiness! We've included a small silver heart charm, just to make sure Alan hasn't forgotten how to put charms in tiny bags.

Linda from Heart's Desire stitched these darling "littles" from FLOWER

FLOWER design will only be available from Heart's Desire, so if you need some "flower power" in your life...and don't live near Wichita,'s how to contact them.

Heart's Desire

Do you see a road trip to Kansas in your future? If you've never been to Heart's Desire, I have to tell's worth it! Heart's Desire is a gorgeous, large shop in a cool historic building just east of scenic downtown "Ta-town". There's a huge selection of everything cross stitch, displayed in beautiful vignettes and themes. It's a delight to visit!

I'll be at Heart's Desire on Saturday, June 22 from 11AM - 1 PM. I'll be happy to sign your Flower pattern, or just enjoy a chat together.

Let's enjoy a FLOWER (in stitches) together this summer!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Liberty Sam lives!

Remember our old "standup kits"? I think the answer is YES because we've been getting so many requests for them to reappear. It seems there has been an informal campaign to "lobby" L*K and to republish these oldsters?!

Our standup kit series began many, many years ago with a garden-themed bunny called Henry O'Hare (K09). I vividly remember assembling hundreds of these one weekend when my husband was out of town. I'm not sure where my kids were (I hope I remembered to feed them?) while I had a bunny assembly blitz in my basement. Back in the day we used to stuff kits with paper shred and our basement was a confetti mess for weeks afterwards.

Over the years we added to the "standup family" with 3 more bunnies, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Halloween characters and an Uncle Sam. Like many series, I never intended stand-up kits to be a series, but that's how it evolved.

Liberty Sam is back!!!

We're so excited to bring Liberty Sam back, nearly 20 years after he originally premiered. He sure is aging well...right?!

Liberty Sam Chart with embellishments

We restitched our model and managed to locate sources for the embellishments we originally used. They're not identical, but they look fantastic...and so does Liberty Sam.

Liberty Sam returns!

Liberty Sam will include the pattern and embellishments. The suggested fabric (or choose your own favorite) and threads are sold separately.

We can't wait to see ol' Liberty Sam back in circulation, just in time for his favorite patriotic holiday this summer. You'll enjoy getting him out year after year to celebrate the Fourth of July and all things summer!

Liberty Sam will be available SOON from our friends at Click here

Have a Happy Red White & Blue Summer!