Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Tingly Weekend!

Is everyone ready for the holiday weekend? It sure creeped up on us...yikes!

We did the cemetary decorating last night with my Mom, and we're headed off for a short family visit tomorrow in nearby Lyons to visit their beautiful, historic, small town cemetary. Yes, I do love poking around the pretty old place and it's a good excuse to get some family together! And my niece has a little toddler (city boy from KC) who can't wait to see all that farm equipment...up close and personal!

I want to share some updated info on the TINGLES! Our new Double Flip series just released last week, and lots of you are merrily stitching your way through the first parts...the remainder of the Tingles will be available in July. Inquiring minds want to know!

Want to add a little more "tingle" to your Tingles? We've been working with the creative gals at Just Another Button Company to make a fun tingles button pack.

It's a set of 20 little buttons...perfectly color coordinated to match the Tingles. They're not meant to replace the olive and black buttons that come with the Tingles. These little gems are an optional tingly addition! Some of them replace little stitched elements, and some buttons just add more funky fun! There's an awesome button placement graph from JABCO with clear instructions. We'll post it to our website soon.

Contact your fave needlework shop to order. We'll be shipping our first batch (hot out of the button oven) on Monday, June 2.

We love it when stitchers customize our designs and choose alternative fabrics! Several speedy stitchers have sent us pics of their Tingles, using beautiful overdyed fabrics from Picture This Plus. This pic is using Cauldron linen, and another stitcher is using Fossil Linen. Both are fun, spooky colors that really make our Tingles tingle! I suspect the ladies at Picture This Plus are going to be busy dyeing these great colors.

Finally...we've had several stitchers contact us directly to "solve" the Tingles greeting puzzle? Have you found the hidden message in the series yet? Leave us a comment with your guess!

Wishing all of you a wonderful, relaxing, safe holiday weekend...and hopefully some time for your favorite cross stitch projects. I know I'll be bringing home another batch of my favorite farm-fresh eggs from my family farm trip tomorrow. Thanks in advance to my favorite free range chickens!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Equal time for cats and dogs at L*K

It's time again for some furry designs! We never want to play favorites, so we've given equal time to our canine and feline friends. numerical order, here are the new pet String Snippets!

S113 Doggy String
Lots of fun doggy motifs, bright colors and 2 darling puppies make this a fun stitch.

S114 Kitty String
More colorful kitty-friendly things, and 2 curious kitties add up to lots of feline fun.

And for a little Friday's a pic of my new office. It's truly a room with a view! 

As I said in an earlier post, we're building a house! After many dormant, cold winter months with a lonely hole in the ground, the house is taking form this spring. The framers are almost finished, and we're doing once (or twice) daily visits to check progress.

After years of having our office in our backyard, we're making a change. This house won't have "room" for an office, so we'll be renting a little office/warehouse. We'll share a little home office (above) but the warehouse and shipping will happen from a different site. Darn...we'll have to commute again!

Here's what I'm learning on my first home-building's a work in progress!

Here's a pic of us a couple days ago. We were called to worksite during the day (thank goodness we're self-employed and flexible) and met with builder and head framer to discuss some issues and changes.  A few sketches on the walls later...we made decisions and everyone returned to their respective jobs! (My husband Alan on left, builder Brad in center and awesome framer Dennis on right).

I'll keep you posted on further house updates. Coming!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy Bees invade L*K!

I've been a bit obsessed with BEE motifs lately, so why not design a chart dedicated to my buzzy friends? We're calling it Busy Bee (#165).

I had so much fun designing and stitching all of these BEE models. They're all packaged together as a chartpak, and come with 2 antique gold charms...little crown (on top of hive in left design) and golden bee (on round box). We put a gorgeous pic of some flowers on the cover background, so the bees would feel right at home.

Another new design coming soon uses a winning saying in our recent Inspiration Contest. We are using the 3 winning sayings in upcoming Inspiration Boxers, and this is the first! Don't Cry Because It's Over B48.

It was so much fun to create and stitch a design using the saying chosen on the Blog Contest. This is a great saying from Dr. Seuss and I think it's a winner, too!

Like the other Inspiration kits, this comes with 30 ct. natural linen, and a bonus design. We also included a bee charm (more bee obsession!) and some tiny beads to use on the bonus project.

If you need more BEES and a more "inspiration" in your life, contact your favorite needlework shop and add these to your stash.

Meanwhile, the busy worker bees at Lizzie*Kate with be buzzing with activity as we prepare all the goodies for their debut!

One more's a closeup pic of the covers on the new Tingles Double Flips. They are so pretty and funky, and even a little psychedelic! We're busy attaching little button packs inside each one, ready for their date with the USMail. Get ready for some Halloween fun!