Friday, September 27, 2019

BIG Lizzie*Kate Model Sale!!!

Guess who stitched every single L*K model? That would be ME!!!

I never did figure out how to use a model stitcher. The stitching process was part of my creative process. I made lots and lots of design and thread changes while stitching a model. Often the finished model was quite different than what I originally planned.

Guess who has hundreds of beautiful models that need a new home? That would also be ME!!!

My local needlework shop, Heart's Desire in Wichita, Kansas is having

When? NOW!!!

Debbie and I at Heart's Desire "model mania"

Big models (Flip-it series!!!), small models...

Debbie and the wonderful Heart's Desire staff have been working for weeks to get ready for this event. They've artfully displayed dozens of models, often grouped according to season or theme. There's also a very reasonable price tag attached to each one. The prices are unbeatable - there's no way you could complete the project yourself for these prices.

These are the legit models that I stitched to be photographed for the covers of countless L*K publications. Some of them have also spent time traveling in trunk shows and have seen needlework shops all over the country.

Christmas models...

Old models (that's not referring to Debbie and I), new models...

Want to give an L*K model a good home? Or perhaps purchase it for a gift?

Would you like a specific L*K model?

***Just contact Debbie and the HD gang and they can answer your questions. They're also happy to promptly ship your purchase.

Heart's Desire

If you want to make a field trip to scenic Wichita, here's the address:

Heart's Desire
3210 E. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67208

Heart's Desire is a super special needlework shop. It's located in an historic area in a beautiful old building with high ceilings and a giant skylight. But even better are the creative displays with antiques and all sorts of goodies spread throughout the large space...with beautiful finished models and cross stitch supplies everywhere! In addition, Debbie does gorgeous custom framing.

I'm delighted to offer these models for sale as a bit of L*K nostalgia...and to clear room in my office and basement. After 22 years designing...190 chartpaks, 170 Flip-its, 134 Snippets, 59 Boxer kits, 95 kits, magazine projects and more...that's a lot of models. Not to mention...many of these publications had multiple models. Yikes!!!

Here's a bit of L*K happiness from my needle to your house!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler is now complete!

Woo hoo! It's finally time for the Part 3 - the third and FINAL part of our Frightful Mystery Sampler!

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 3

Can you tell what's different about the Part 3 cover?  It's the giant PHOTO of the finished sampler, of course! 

Until now, there have been no accompanying photos with Part 1 and Part 2. That's the mysterious part!

Now the "mystery" is revealed/SOLVED!!! 

If you're one of those stitchers who can't get into the groove of stitching something "sight unseen", now is the time to join the club and begin your FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler journey...minus the suspense! You'll enjoy a beautiful autumn sampler you will love for years to come.

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 1

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2

All 3 parts of FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler are now available for immediate shipment. Part 2 also includes the BONUS design for Just a Little Hocus Pocus. 

FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny

And don't forget the FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny to park your needle on your mystery style!

Happy FRIGHTFUL Fall, y'all!