Friday, August 30, 2019

Sweet Summer FREEBIE "Challenge" Update!

Remember the Sweet Summer FREEBIE we posted recently? Have you stitched it yet?

The Sweet Summer "challenge" was to select your own threads for our free graph. You can match threads to colors on graph or go "sweet summer crazy" and do your own colorful thing!

Click HERE for Sweet Summer FREE graph

I'd like to show you some of the darling pics we've seen on the Facebook group - I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs. If I've missed your post, I apologize. I tried to scroll and scroll and find them far.

Denise Paprota Lapp gets "extra credit" for her cute background!

Rita Burris Ellis chose some cool colors!

Love the purple lettering that April Knap chose!

Gotta know what's in that gorgeous blue drink from Luella Zipsie?!

Robin Key Rexroad chose some lovely golden "sunflower" threads for lettering

Adorable summer wreath from Suzanne Patterson Harkinson

Vicki Lee Workman Haynes found the perfect "chair" for her challenge!

Summer is coming to an end, but this FREEBIE is here to stay! Stitch your own Sweet Summer and post a picture on Facebook page I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs.

***If you're not already a member of this closed group, just click join and wait for confirmation. We'd love to welcome you!!

Happy Labor Day holiday everyone!

Friday, August 16, 2019

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2 is ready!

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2 is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Click here for FRIGHTFUL Part 2

Our summer of stitching suspense continues with the second part of the mystery sampler. This portion of the design will be stitched directly below the first part. The graph will show you how to join the's easy!

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 2

Also included with Part 2 is our Hocus Pocus BONUS. It uses the same threads as the sampler. Choose your favorite fabric....maybe something from your stash? Enjoy and do your own thing!

Hocus Pocus BONUS Freebie

We finished our Hocus Pocus with a darling orange frame, but the possibilities are endless. Maybe a super cute pillow with some fun trim? A flat finish with some gorgeous Halloween fabric? The choice is yours!

FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny

And if that isn't enough, there's a new FRIGHTFUL Needle Nanny available! This darling magnetic dot doesn't "reveal" the mystery, but it's a portion of the final design. Which part could it be???

FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler Part 1

If you haven't started to stitch worries. Our "Halloween party" is just getting spooky. Part 1 is always available. 

The FRIGHTFUL Mystery Sampler will conclude with the release of Part 3 in September. That's leaves everyone plenty of time to finish before Halloween...or next Halloween. Happy spooky summer!

Monday, August 5, 2019


WHEW! It's hot and sunny here in Kansas. It sure feels like SUMMER!

Family lake photo

Our daughter Ali was recently home from Barcelona, so we imported Jeff and Sarah from Chicago so we could spend some family time together. Sorry, Barclay....we missed you...see you at Christmas!

One morning we had the crazy idea for everyone to go out on the water and take a picture. We emptied our dock of water craft (paddleboards, kayaks) and managed a selfie without any crashes or wet iphones. It seemed like we were practically on top of each other, but it sure doesn't look that way in the photo. Ali was the brave one holding the camera so she's big and we're tiny!

Time in the water is our fave thing to do when it gets hot...what's yours? 
***LEAVE A COMMENT with your favorite summertime "thing" below!

How about finding a cool place to stitch with your favorite drink and relax? And that's even better with a summer FREEBIE!

What's different about our Sweet Summer chart? No, it's not a mistake...the color key is missing. We're challenging you to create your own colorful summer masterpiece. Choose threads from your stash that match our color photo, or change it up completely. It's totally up to you. 

****When you're done stitching your personalized Sweet Summer, snap a quick picture and post it to the I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Facebook page. If you're not already a member, just click JOIN and you'll be approved soon. You will love this busy, creative Facebook group.

About that Facebook page...we are thrilled to say that membership at I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs just soared over 6000 enthusiastic stitchers. We are thrilled that this community is active and growing!

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead as creative stitchers post their personalized versions of Sweet Summer. Enjoy, everyone!