Wednesday, April 12, 2017

L*K Office "Redoux"

I've worked from home since the beginning of L*K almost 22 years ago. I began on a table in my family room, moved to my basement, built an L*K "mini-me" office next to our house (it looked like a miniature version of our house), then moved almost 2 years ago to our new home.

Alan moved the L*K warehouse/shipping to a little strip mall near our house, and I snagged the main floor "guest bedroom" for my L*K home office.

When we moved, I hastily pulled together the L*K office and got to work. Almost 2 years later, I was in the mood for a "refresh". The theme is based around my giant pink donut painting, and it's FUN!

Here's a peek into my tweaked L*K office and the eclectic decor that keeps me happy and inspired.

On the short hallway to my office (from the kitchen eating area) I have favorite art on both walls. I just got this pink/orange print called "Let's Grow Old Together" from Minted. I adore it! I love the image of the couple walking into the beautiful landscape. That's Alan and I...can't you tell?

And on the other side of the hallway is a colorful contemporary print with a beautiful indigo sky that I love. Can you see the kit flying over the houses?  I figure if art makes you smile, no matter what the style, it's now your style.

And here's what I see when I step into my sunny office every morning. The walls are pale green and it's BRIGHT in here with the east sun pouring in through large windows on right of pic. I have to close my shades to see computer well for a few hours. The color in this pic is kinda dull, but unfortunately I've never learned to edit photos, so picture it bright and colorful.

I love to create little vignettes and this one that greets me first thing changes frequently. It's an old faux bamboo bookcase I got at a junk store 20+ years ago. It's lived in almost every room of the house. It's usually full of old pottery and now it's got a contemporary "dot" painting (Minted) on top. Just got the A/Z bookends from Target, and need some colorful vintage books.

Back to my busy desk. I sold my large pine table and downsized to a sleek white formica desk from IKEA. I wasn't sure how I would like it, but it's perfect. You choose the size of top (I got 2 and turned them into an L-shape), then screw in the legs. I also stuck an IKEA filing cabinet with drawers under big desk. It's a great option for an inexpensive work area, and the smooth white surface is perfect.

I love my new aqua polka dot desk chair from Home Goods. They are new to Wichita and I am a loyal customer. You never know what you need until you see it at Home Goods. I got the funky pillow there too, on the "Clearance/nobody wants me" aisle.

I recently decided I needed more organization on my desk to track all the projects in progress. That really is the hardest part for many projects in all different stages of production. So I bought these fun pink stackers. I ordered from a company called Poppin and am delighted with them. For some reason, pink stackers make organization more fun.

The 4 compartments hold, in order from top to bottom:
* New designs, not stitched (you can spot 2017 Snippet sleds on top)
* Stitched new designs, not published yet
* Published new designs, not yet released
* Recently released designs

I hang onto a lot of paperwork/pre press stuff for a while...stitching notes, sources, proofs, all that stuff that documents the progress from original design to published material...hence the stackers.

And next to my pink stacker is my new gold bulldog tape dispenser. No, I don't need tape often, but I couldn't resist taking home this doggie from the sale bin at Target. And post-its, of course. 

Also here's a recent letter from my sponsored elder friend at Unbound. I've talked about Elena before. She lives in Guatemala, and we correspond frequently, via a translator. Here's the original note written in Spanish, thankfully accompanied by English translation. I write her online and send pics and they're delivered to her. If you want to sponsor an elder or a youngster, check out

Nestled under my desk - next to IKEA file cabinet - is a basket of finished L*K models (Home Goods). These are "yet to be released"...coming soon in April and June. I keep them near until release date, then they spend time at my LNS or travel in a trunk show. Adios, models!

Circling to left of main desk is my computer table. Here's a sneek peek of upcoming Autumn Smalls chart. I'm stitching these 4 little guys now and they're sure fun. They are a companion to Summer Smalls - coming next week. Also an old-fashioned calendar and a no-maintenance terrarium, one of many at my house.

Directly under my computer desk is my furry footstool from the Hobby Lobby clearance aisle. Even 2 years after knee surgery, sometimes my knee enjoys a little pampering.

Directly behind my desk is my favorite part of my office - the giant pink donut painting! It's an original from my daughter, the talented Sarah Wain. By day she's a high art teacher near downtown Chicago, but in her spare time she loves to paint, do collage, printmaking, and all sorts of beautiful art. Who doesn't love a workspace with donuts and sprinkles?! And no, it doesn't make me hungry.

I just added this fun little print from Hobby Lobby. It's a note to myself, reminding me not to doubt myself and my creativity. The cool thing about this HL's so CHEAP! If I grow tired of the print, I can pop something else in the sleek white frame and mat. 

Next to the old aqua dresser and giant donut painting, is my new clear acrylic airchair. Because...WHY NOT? It was inexpensive on Amazon and fills the space nicely. It's holding funky pillows and underneath is L*K model overflow...oops.

As I enter my office, there's a closet that I've converted to supply storage space. I hastily arranged it when I moved in, and it needs some tidying. needs A LOT of tidying. I know my supplies are there, and keep searching until I find them. There's a charming pink stool from my husband's family farm.

Almost forgot's just behind my computer desk and I see it beyond my giant monitor. I've had this child's rolltop desk for decades - literally. Isn't it scary when you can say this, and it's true?! Like much of my furniture, it's traveled all over my home, but I'm glad to welcome it in the L*K office.

Couldn't finish without sharing my pink plant. I don't know what it is, but I got it a few months ago and it loves my cheerful environment. It bloomed a bit (bonus!) and it's so PRETTY. It also keeps my big fig trees company. 

And the best part of my home office...looking out the windows! I've got east and south windows and have water views both directions. The interesting thing about living near water is the ever-changing view. No matter whether there are giant whitecaps, or whether it's satin's a delight to behold. 

Thanks for joining along on the "new and improved" L*K home office tour! office is sighing because it was impossibly neat for these photos, and now it can relax and resume it's normally state of creative messiness. And "NO", I haven't lost my marbles...they're right in front of me every day! 

***Unlike a lot of decor blogs I follow, this is NOT a sponsored post! I just listed sources in case any of you liked my goodies and "need" them at your house.

I'd love your feedback!!! Please LEAVE A COMMENT with ideas, suggestions, observations, whatever. I have chronic rearranging syndrome, so the office is never "done". I'd love your input!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

COMING in 2 weeks!

We've got 4 new designs coming in mid-April. We previewed the first 2 in last blog post. Scroll back to view them!

Here are other 2 newbies joining the L*K 2017 line-up:

F167 Liberty Celebrate! with Charm Flip-it

Our year long celebration continues with a July 4th design. It's the same size as all the other Celebrate! Flip-its, so you can interchange frames if you like. Or stitch all of the holidays together for one horizontal celebration. Flip-it includes an antique gold star charm.

Responding to a request from a Canadian shop, we have also developed a "Canadian alternative" for this design. Thank goodness we consulted with her on the wording, because we had never heard the phrase she suggested before - "True North". She assured us the stars, sunflowers and waves were appropriate, so we are pleased to offer this adaptation for our Canadian stitcher friends.

We'll post the Canadian adaptation on the Free Designs section of the L*K website. 

Many thanks to shop owner Ann McDonald, from Knowledge and Needles in Brighton, Ontario for stitching our Canadian model and suggesting the Canadian tweak. We love our northern neighbors!

K95 A Little Stitch Kit

It's time for another "Little" kit and we've chosen our favorite subject - stitching! We've also included a bit of stitcher wisdom...."Stitch every day". Words to live by! Kit includes easy-to-see 28 ct. Lambswool linen and silver "Made with Love" charm. 

***On another subject, I've been obsessed with "spring refreshing" in my house for the last month. I seem to have caught CPRS. I read about this on a decorating blog and it describes me perfectly. I have "constant pillow rearranging syndrome". My fun pillows travel from sofa to chair, room to room, upstairs and downstairs...all in a quest for a new look. And I seem to be buying more pillows since Home Goods came to town. Love that place!

And pillows aren't the only things moving around my home and home office. Small furniture, plants, accessories, anything that I can lift is subject to relocation at any time. I'm blaming those decorating blogs I love to follow and Pinterest, of course. Pinterest = addictive.

I'll do a post soon with my L*K office refresh! I'm in a PINK mood this spring (not sure why!) but maybe because of the giant pink donut painting in my office from my daughter, the talented Sarah Wain. Pink is popping up around the office, and I love it. I'll clean my office to unusual (unsustainable) standards, take some pics and share soon.

Directly behind my desk - sprinkles on my shoulder!

***Stay tuned for "behind the (pink donut) scenes" at my L*K home office!