Thursday, June 7, 2012

My country tis of thee...

sweet land of LIBERTY, of thee I sing!

I haven't been able to get this song out of my mind since watching all of the festivities surrounding Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebration. Of course, when the Brits sing this refrain, the words are "God Save the Queen"!

I've been working on my own LIBERTY tribute! We have a new kit coming called "A Little Liberty". Many of you will recognize it as a companion piece to earlier kits "A Little Love" and "A Little Easter". I used the usual red/white/blue colors, and threw in some cheery sunflowers for some extra summer fun. Here it is hanging out on the mantle in my house.

Kit includes 30 ct. natural linen, pattern, and teeny-tiny red beads to accent the flower centers. We've been assembling these all week, and are shipping to shops next Wed., June 13. If you think you need this quick patriotic fix, please let your LNS show so they can order NOW! Below are the finished kits, ready for packing this weekend.

Here's a cute pic below of that "other" red/white/blue flag from across the pond. I loved this pic of the young royals whooping it up at the Queen's celebration. They seem a little more animated that the older generation!

Did anyone else think this was they transformed Buckingham Palace into a giant-screen and projected moving images all over it during the concert? WOW! That's a big screen!

But I don't want to leave out the star of the show on this post, so here's a pic of the Queen, ditching that tiny turned up smile and giving a full-on smile to her son and that grin on her face...God bless her!


  1. I love Liberty and the Royal pictures.

  2. Nice blog today---- enjoyed it--- Wildhorse Resort and Casino has already did the big theater thing on the side of the building---during the hotels Grand opening- wish I could have been there for the buckingham one----soooo BIG ! everyone looks like they are so relaxed and having the time of their life....Thank-You for sharing also....

  3. What great pics of the royalty. They're awesome. I love what they did to the Palace too. Wonderful. And the new project is cute. Have fun getting all those kits packed up!!