Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Spirit of Christmas Part 2 BONUS

We shipped the 2nd part of our Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler a couple weeks ago, along with some other new designs. Hopefully everyone has received it by now.

Here's a quick look at the BONUS design that comes with Part 2. We're calling it Christmas Love. You can use it for a pin pillow, door hanger, whatever your holiday heart desires.

It's a sweet little project - perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or anytime you want a little "love" in your stitching basket. Stitch count is 73W x 27H. The Spirit of Christmas Embellishment Pack includes the sweetheart bird and mother-of-pearl heart buttons. 

You can choose your favorite fabric. Use threads from Spirit of Christmas, or go rogue and create your own custom "love" palette.

After our recent shipment on October 2, we escaped for a week in Maine. We traveled with Alan's sister and her husband, and had a great time exploring the northeast coast together. Our visit began with a short trip to Nantucket, visiting our niece and her husband. It's SO nice to have a private tour guide, and Emily is the best. Sorry, Em, forgot to snap a pic of all of us.

Then we ferried back to the mainland, picked up our rental car, and drove north to Camden. We spent the remainder of our week working our way south to Boston...visiting lighthouses, staying in charming B and B's, eating lobster rolls and clam chowder, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Maine certainly didn't disappoint!!!

Evelyn, Galen and I 

Super windy day at this lighthouse

Visiting the LL Bean "mother ship" in Freeport - weirdly warm weather!

Just hanging out in our pumpkin boat

One unexpected highlight was attending the annual Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival and Regatta. What's this???

It turns out they grow really big pumpkins in Maine. So what to do with all these pumpkins? The creative folk of Damariscotta have devised several pumpkin events. First, they display the largest pumpkins, with this year's winner weighing over 1700 pounds. They use forklifts to "relocate" the pumpkins.

This unique entry was entirely carved. Many are painted and elaborately propped.

Then they get local "artists" to decorate giant pumpkins and display them along Main Street. It was hard to capture the creativity and ingenuity on these.

Did you know that pumpkins float?? These boats are actually huge pumpkins, hollowed out for "racing" in the harbor. There were 2 division of pumpkin boats - rowed and motor-powered - but they were all decorated with matching crew members!

Love the gnome boat!

The Viking boat was probably my favorite, complete with braids and horns

Still not sure what this silver glittery boat was...disco ball? 

Rowing was pretty tricky - the boats mostly want to "bob" in the water

Closeup of the Viking boatsman

Can you see us? We're the crazy tourists standing the rain to watch the regatta! But when in Maine...

Many thanks to our bro-in-law, Galen, for planning our Maine adventure! We'd love to return sometime.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

New "Treats" for October!

Yes, we are doing NEW DESIGNS  - other than Part 2 of our Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler!  Still, it's that mystery mania that is filling our days (and nights and weekends) and keeping us on the phone begging our partners for more supplies. So far they haven't stopped answering our calls!

We are shipping newbies to shops around the world today, after a busy weekend of assembling and packing orders. Here's what will be arriving at your favorite needlework source soon:

Dear Santa, I've Been Good #187

You can thank a long-time (and very persistent) L*K customer for this design. She's been patiently requesting this saying...year after year. Christmas came early for her, and now she's busy stitching multiples of this for family Christmas gifts. Includes 3 white snowflake buttons. Many thanks, Esther!

Nutcracker Sleds Snippet S133

It's sled time! Three more charming designs are great for your tree, stocking stuffers, package toppers or whatever you want. Snippet includes varied embellishments for all 3 sleds.

Stocking Sleds Snippet Snippet S134

The more, the merrier...we've got another set of 3 sled designs for 2017. They're a snap to stitch and finish and "snow much fun"! Embellishments for all 3 sleds included.

Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler PART 2

It's time for the second (middle) part of your mystery sampler, and I know you're ready! This section includes more text, some classic L*K holiday motifs, fun embellishments (optional) and more MYSTERIOUS fun! 

Thanks for your patience. I know many of you have been waiting for Spirit of Christmas supplies. We always have the charts, embellishment packs and Needle Nannies available to our shops, but there have been some backorders on threads and fabrics (especially orders placed after our original pre-order deadline).  It's been difficult for our suppliers to keep up with your mystery demand, and we really appreciate all of their hard work.

***Have you figured out the author of our beautiful holiday mystery quote? 
HINT: This quote was part of a Presidential address 90 years ago on December 25, 1027. 

LEAVE A COMMENT with your "Presidential answer". Happy Sleuthing, everyone!