Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial memories

What did you do over the long holiday weekend? Was it relaxing? Was it fun? Did it all end TOO soon?

We squeezed in as many activities as possible, while still maintaining the very important element of "relaxation".  This is best achieved by staying as far as possible from our home office!

We started with a 4th birthday party for our great nephew, which was also a thinly disguised family get-together. Small people abounded, and enjoyed all the usual birthday stuff, including one of those giant blow-up bouncy things which occupied a big part of the backyard. We ate and chatted the afternoon/evening away.

Casual and comfy was the dress code, as evidenced by the charming relative above. Eating popsicles is SERIOUS business when you're two years old!

We bid the birthday kids goodbye, and the adults took a turn in the bouncy toy. Is there a prohibition against gray hair in these things?

Is there a 55 year old age limit? If so, we broke a lot of rules!

The next day we traveled to the family farm to see more family and visit the cemetary. The beautiful Kansas wheat is golden and ALMOST ready to cut. In a couple days, the farmers will spring into action as the annual harvest begins. Here's a patch next to the farmhouse.

We visited the 23 baby chickens and checked out their newly updated roost. My brother-in-law demonstrated his "chicken whisperer" skills amid much laughter and doubt. Is it really true that you can put a chicken to sleep by swinging it gently to and fro? Warning: Don't try this at home...he is a professional (he's really a veterinarian, but usually hangs out with dogs and cats!).

While on the farm, we visited the studio at City Girl Farm, where my talented sister-in-law and niece produce all kinds of beautiful chicken-related products (and other goodies). Check out their beautiful giant chicken footstools (upper left), chicken pillows, and chicken aprons at www.thecitygirlfarm.com

We also took time on a very windy day to visit the beautiful old cemetary where my husband's parents and a host of other relatives are buried. My husband, Alan, is in the middle, flanked by some of his sibs.

We also squeezed in the movie "Men in Black 3" (mindless FUN!) and a big outdoor dinner on our patio with fam and friends. Alas, the Memorial Day weekend is over, but I have more sweet memories. Gotta get that scrapbook up to date!


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend, Linda. Glad you enjoyed all the family related activities. And can you put a chicken to sleep?!? I've never heard of that before.

  2. So glad you had a nice weekend! Sometimes all we need is good times with family and friends to recharge our batteries :)