Friday, May 11, 2012

What? Me? Change my mind???

Yes, it happens. And at work, it happens ALL The time. Designing new products at L*K is the best part of the biz - so fun, spontaneous and a real creative high (most of the time).

But the designing process doesn't stop when I finish the design on the computer. The real creative challenge begins when I stitch the model. And yes, I do stitch my own models. Sometimes a model goes together flawlessly. I choose the colors and fabric and whiz through my stitching. Honestly, I can't remember the last time this happened, though. Most of the time it's a trial and error process involving lots of stitching, taking out, restitching...maybe even starting the whole thing over again after the fabric is getting thin and tired.

My selected thread palette (above) always starts out beautifully organized, but rapidly descends into chaos!

My motto is "I only have to get it right ONCE, even if that takes forever!". And I've learned it's wise to keep on trying until I'm satisfied. If I'm not satisfied and proceed to publishing, every time I look at that design I think "Wow, I should have made more changes".

The past few weeks I've been working on the next set of Inspiration Boxers. These little kits have been phenomenally popular, and I am very grateful. I have pored over dozens and dozens of inspirational sayings, trying to choose the ones that speak to me, and hopefully to my customers. Last week I selected the sayings (a couple of them are frequently requested) and did the designs on the computer. Then the fun part started...or did it?

I had barely began stitching, when I realized I wasn't happy. So I chose some different threads, took out sections and restitched. And did that over and over until I was really pleased with the results. But it took me a couple days to be "happy" and put me behind on my self-imposed schedule. Whatever...the design and it's matching BONUS designs are really "sweet and simple" (that's a clue to the saying I used!). Below is a pic of the BONUS designs that go with 2 of the new Inspiration Boxers. I found a beautiful little snippet of lace that I'll have my finisher add to one of the projects.

So armed with my recent success and more confidence, I started on the 2nd Inspiration Boxer, sure that I wouldn't encounter a similar color scheme problem. No, not a similar problem, a worse one! I stitched areas again and again, took sections out, laid out new threads and nearly drove myself crazy. So I decided a "consultation" was in order - maybe an intervention!!! I went to my local needlework shop to meet with 3 experts for their advice. And...WOW! Maybe I should consult more often. They had lots of helpful ideas, we traded some colors, even moved around some motifs. Several hours later...with lots of stitches removed and replaced...and more time making design adjustments on the computer...I was finally finished and HAPPY!

I am most grateful to Sherre, Debbie and Carol for their consultation/intervention that allowed me to finally finish this inspirational design. Ironically, the saying on this one is "LIFE isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain". How appropriate is that???


  1. I think at one point or another, everyone hits a "road block" so to speak, in making decisions, the really great thing is you were able to get advice from others, and it sounds like you're very pleased with the results. I can't wait to get my hands on your newest designs and start stitching, when will they be released?

  2. Hooray for the great gals at Heart's Desire !

  3. I love that saying. I have trouble dancing in the rain, so it speaks to me. I'm glad you got it all figured out, and that your intervention produced good results. (I need a stash acquisition intervention, lol.) We'll see how it goes.

  4. That is my LNS and I love these gals. They are the best and it doesn't surprise me at all that they were able to assist you!
    I have just finished "Faith" for my GD's graduation, Heart's Desire did the framing for me too.
    I have done a few of these pieces and given some as gifts stitched and not stitched, they are always welcomed.
    Anxious to see the new ones.

  5. Oh...I love these designs so I am happy to see some more are on the way!

    happy designing, stitching, ripping, stitching.....

  6. Such inspiration to me as I rip and tear trying to get my releases ready. Some days it feels like a never ending project. Thanks for being so honest and showing us this side of you as a designer. I so appreciate it!

  7. Yea Heart's Desire gals! They are just wonderful! Glad you got the intervention and help you needed! lol


  8. hehehe Linda!! :D
    I love this behind the scenes post! how I wish I had such a lovely LNS..
    I hope you'll get less headaches next time!
    can't wait to get the first part of your Mystery Sampler..
    happy xxx,

  9. Melissa GongalskiMay 29, 2012 at 7:28 PM

    Oh how I miss my Heart's Desire girls!! That is a great pic!!