Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer mystery unfolds...

Friday seems like the perfect day for another "Mystery Sampler tease" here goes! If you missed our first Mystery Sampler post, just scroll back to Friday, May 4 and you'll be caught up.

So...we are working on a cool, unique project this summer...a MYSTERY SAMPLER!  Already we're getting bombarded with tons of questions and inquiries, so here are a few basics. For more specific info, contact your local needlework shop or fave online shop. They have received very specific ordering info from our friends at Norden Crafts, our distributor and partner on this project. If your shop doesn't know about the L*K Mystery Sampler, tell them to contact Norden or visit their website.

We'll call it the Mystery Sampler for now, because we haven't named it yet!  OOPS! Kinda forgot that it should have a real name, so we're working on that. Those pesky details!!!

*The Mystery Sampler will be published in 3 parts. These 3 parts fit together into one big, Halloween/autumn design.

* Each part will come with a portion of the design, but won't include designs for the other 2 parts (duh). Each part will also include embellishments (beads, charms, etc.) and a BONUS design. I really had fun designing the BONUS projects. They are all the same size, can be stitched separately, or combined into another Halloween design.  Yes, more MYSTERY!! We may have a L*K blog contest for everyone to show off their cool finishing skills on the bonus projects.

*The 3 parts of the design will be released during the months of June, July and August...perfect for summer stitching. I think they will arrive in the shops at the very end of each month.

*NOW is the time to order to get shipped in the very first round. We're working really hard to assemble all the pieces for the first round of shipments. Our pals at Weeks Dye Works are super busy dyeing the beautiful linen and all the threads needed for the project. We've even created a cool new color, just for this project! We're busy working on the printed materials, and assembling embellishment packs. Those things don't sack themselves...darn!

***I just found a Facebook post from Weeks Dye Works with tons of SNEAK PEEK info out there. Inquiring minds want to check them out!

I'm off to my LNS, Heart's Desire in Wichita, to deliver the finished stitchery this morning. The frame is waiting and I can't wait to get this baby in it's final resting place - a beautiful blackish frame from Eastside Mouldings. Above is my project, ready to leave the desk, destined for Mystery fame!


  1. Linda, It looks sooooooooooo cute! I can't wait to see it all in person.

  2. Looking good . I have been chatting with another blogger ,and we were wondering if you had plans to do a Halloween ABC ?

  3. I am SO excited to get my hands on this I can't even stand it! :)

  4. There is already an ABCs of Halloween - responding to post above. Check it out on It's one of my favorites!

  5. I placed my order with my LNS a week ago already; can't wait!

  6. I just signed up on my fave online shop!! Now I'm waiting (anxiously LOL) for the first shipment!!!

  7. I've never done a mystery before. I'm too picky about what I stitch, cause what if I don't like it, lol. I'll be watching with interest though!!

  8. Linda ~
    You are very good at this it is SCARY!!! I am excited because I love, love, love Halloween and have all but your Halloween A B C's ~ I must get that one, too!

    I LOVE your designs and your blog. Good luck with packing all this up and shipping it out!

    God Bless your Stitching Fingers and your designing brain!!!
    You do beautiful work and I love the colors!
    Can't Wait for Trey Mystery!

  9. How can we do if we live in France ?! I would like so much to participate !

  10. It looks great! I can't wait to get it!

  11. I cannot wait to start! New floss, new patterns - I am so excited :)

  12. My very favorite designer you are! I can't wait to do this one!!

  13. Like Miss fil i live in france so How can we do if we live in France ?! I would like so much to participate !
    thank so much for a answer !
    this Mystery sampler is really a great idea !!!

    i love so much Hallow's stitch
    have a good day !
    clob France