Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fond thoughts of Santa... MAY!  I know, even Hobby Lobby doesn't have their Christmas stuff out yet. (I'm sure it's coming soon, though).

Here at Lizzie*Kate I'm in the full Christmas swing! The air conditioner is on, and I'm working on my annual holiday designs. Every year I do a Snippet Santa and a collection of small Christmas designs we call Tiny Tidings. Last year I also added a new project to the mix - Flora McSample's Ornaments - so I'll add to that collection, too.

How do I think about Christmas in May? I keep a notebook of ideas as I explore new projects. Some of these ideas make it to publication, some don't. So to begin, I flip back to previous year's notes on Christmas projects. I am looking for cool sayings, motifs or ideas I haven't used yet, or I want to explore further. Note my 3 favorite desk tools - the mechanical pencil, the BIG eraser and pretty clips (pretty clips really do help with productivity!).

I decided to tackle the Santa design first, so began by pulling previous Santas from the shelves to remind myself what Santa has already done.  Santa has ice skated, posed with woodland animals, rode his sleigh, come down the chimney, held a tree (several times!), posed in his PJs, and more.  Then I start to wonder..."what new thing can Santa do this year?"

I found a saying I liked, and got to work graphing the 2012 Santa Snippet. The next day, when I was satisfied with the design, I rounded up the usual Christmas colors (red, green, white) and added some fun accent color possibilities (aqua, light blue, chartreuse, pink), and found the fuzzy Wisper fiber I always use for Santa's beard. I'll figure out some embellishments later - I have a couple new ones in mind.

Last night I started stitching Santa, as I watched the farewell FINAL episode of House that we had recorded. I don't know if any of you are House fans, but I confess now that I have a major crush on Dr. Wilson (swoon). I remember him (real name is Robert Sean Leonard) fondly from the movie "Dead Poet's Society" when he was the tormented teen with the overbearing father. 

Alas, Santa will live forever in our hearts, but House is television history!!! Or is he?? 


  1. As usual, I can't wait to see the new Santa!! Love what you've shown so far!


  2. I love Christmas and think about it all the time. I've already started my Christmas shopping for this year. People ask me how in the world I could think about Christmas already, but I never stop thinking about it. :o) I can't wait to see you design. I'm so jealous. I will I knew how to draw up my own.

  3. I'll have to find a photo of my husband from the late 80s because he was the spitting image of RSL. People were always coming up to him, "You look like the guy who killed himself in Dead Poet's Society." Now they look nothing like each other. But mine's aged well ;).

  4. I've always loved House, but my TV has terrible reception. Since I can't afford cable, I don't get to watch TV. I'm sad to see the series end. It must feel weird to work on Christmas with the AC running!! I can hardly wait to see it.

  5. Yeah!! More additions to the Flora McSample ornaments!!! WAY TO GO!

    And to add to the annual Santa ornament! I think I have collected them all!!! Keep up the great work....and I will keep buying them!!! ;-)

  6. Cant' wait to see these new Xmas designs!!! I've already ordered the Mystery Sampler!! I'm counting the days until its release!!! Love your designs!! Working on Flossie Claus,now!!


  7. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I love stitching anything Christmasy. Can't wait to see what Santa's up to this year!

  8. I wonder what Santa will do next.. (stitch maybe??! :D)
    we'll see.. as for now, I can't hardly wait to start the Mystery Sampler..!
    happy xxx,

  9. Can't wait to see Santa 2012. House SPOILER ALERT coming...

    I was SO happy to see them ride off into the 'sunset' on their bikes - and thanks for the idea that House may reappear in different form. We can hope!