Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life's a Beach (even in Kansas!)

It's SUMMER and we're celebrating with a special new SUMMER KIT!  Check out this sneak peek!

Remember the rule about not wearing your white shoes after Labor Day? We're changing it up a bit! We designed a SPECIAL SUMMER KIT with some fun white flip flops.  Here's the's ONLY AVAILABLE during the summer of 2011.  When Labor Day rolls around in September, you'll put away your white flip flops...and we'll put this kit away for good.  Sure, needlework shops will be able to sell those kits they already have in stock, but they won't be able to reorder after Sept. 5.

We're beginning shipping on these kits soon, so let your local needlework shop know if you want to go to the beach with L*K and preorder.  Kit includes sandy colored 18 ct. fabric (perfect for stitchers on the go!), 2 hand-dyed yellow flower buttons and exclusive pattern.

It's always a beach somewhere (even here in Kansas, Land of Toto)!!!


  1. So cute. Wish I was on that beach.

  2. awww so cute, will be ordering this but not from my local LNS as they are not a stockist here in merry old England :( Still a lovely design as usual and I can't wait to stitch it!!

  3. L*K designs are always so much fun to stitch. I will definitely be ordering this one.I already have plans for it. It will be a panel on the front side of a beach tote. We do occasionally get to a beach here in Alberta, albeit a 'lake' beach, which this East Coast girl considers not to be a 'real' beach. Wanda in Edmonton

  4. I have an extensive L*K charts and I must have this one as well! Can't wait to stitch it =)