Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yummy art show!

Question: What are 2 things you are crazy about?
Answer: My daughter Sarah and food!

Last weekend we had a super daughter/foodie experience!  Our daughter Sarah was the June artist of the month at Mead's Corner Coffeehouse. This coffeehouse is operated by our church and Alan and I have been really involved from it's beginning almost 3 years ago...from finding a place to rent, painting the exterior, tiling the bathroom and now as volunteers. Every month they feature art from a local artist.

This past Friday was the monthly Final Friday Art Crawl when galleries, studios and anywhere else that can hang art (like our coffeehouse) were open for a must-see Friday night event. Sarah now lives in Indiana with husband Jeff, but she made the LONG drive to Wichita for the big weekend. Alan and I had hung her artwork at the beginning of the month and it has been a joy to see her tasty paintings all month in our cozy retreat...and to share them with everyone else!

Friday night was BUSY...Final Friday wanderers, 3 local bands and their groupies, and a seemingly endless supply of young people passed through Mead's Corner. Lots of Sarah's old friends from school dropped by (what a treat!) and her high school art teacher made a special visit....and FAMILY...lots of family!!

But the highlight of the evening was the BIG SURPRISE!  Alan and I had arranged to fly husband Jeff in from Texas where he is doing a summer internship.  Our friends volunteered for the sneaky airport pickup and whisked him to Mead's Corner (after a flight delay) to surprise her about 10:30.  And boy, was she surprised...and thrilled to see Jeff in person (not on Skype)!!! I admit...it nearly killed ME to keep this secret for over a month - I told everyone I knew - and swore them to secrecy. 

What a joyful weekend we all had together. Did I mention it was also Alan's BIRTHDAY that night? We celebrated later with a Snickers cheesecake.  All those dessert-y paintings really worked up our appetite for something sweet. Check out this super candybar cheesecake recipe at our other daughter Ali's food blog...www.gimmesomeoven.com.

Sarah's theme for the show was the "sweet things in life", so she painted a collection of dessert themed oils, along with a selection of pastel tea cups. Below is a print of her margarita cupcake that I framed to hang in my kitchen over my stovetop.

And...a pastel teacup that hangs in my L*K office.

Check out all of Sarah's goodies on her website at www.sarahewain.com.  In addition to her original artwork, she has nice quality prints on canvas paper available to purchase. I'm headed to the kitchen for a break, because I think there is still one sliver of that Snickers cheesecake languishing in the frig!


  1. Sounds lovely. And sweet!! Now I feel the need for cupcakes, lol. Seriously, grats to your daughter. She's a wonderful artist!

  2. I just can't get over how realistic your very talented daughter's paintings look. Makes me want to eat cake!
    Happy stitching,
    Annette S

  3. Wow. What a great week end. Her art looks very yummy.

  4. So much talent in one family! Now I'm hungry! How many Weight Watchers points in that Snicker's cheesecake? :)