Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(Almost) perfect Memorial Day weekend!

I was going to say "perfect", but realize that having BOTH daughters and son-in-law home would be the PERFECT weekend, so I'm opting for "almost" perfect. Daughter Sarah made the LONG drive home from Indiana to spend the weekend with us and the granddog.

We journeyed with extra relatives to visit the Ebright family farm, about 75 miles away. This pic has my husband Alan (left), his brother and sis.  It was our first Memorial Day since the death of their mother, and this holiday was always very important to her. She always placed live peonies from her garden on the family graves. After we placed the flowers, we lingered in the charming old cemetery, enjoying the beautiful weather and looking for the really old headstones.

After Sarah left for Indiana early Monday AM, we had to amuse ourselves to keep from being sad.  So we headed for the BORDER!  Oklahoma/Kansas border, that is! Because the wind was howling from the south  with huge gusts (the kind of wind that makes us CRAZY) we decided to drive our bikes to the border and let the wind push us the 55 miles back to Wichita. Here I am with my bike buddy Connie. The other 3 in the group were guys! We know we look geeky in our bike gear - no need to comment on that!

What an adventure!  We flew by the rapidly ripening wheat fields which are turning a gorgeous gold this time of year.

We visited our friend farmer Eddie who showed off his new combine, which is ready to start harvesting soon.

We stopped in the charming "near the border" town of Caldwell and visited the local cafe for pie and breakfast rolls (and a bathroom break).  The locals were pretty amused at our us and our geeky bike wear, but we love discovering small towns and yummy small town food! Isn't their main street charming?

What an adventure! On a day we would normally not venture out of the driveway on our bikes, we designed a one-way ride and let the ridiculous wind do the work...well, most of it!  We were still tired and hungry when we arrived in Ta-town. It's time to go to work and rest from the busy weekend!

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