Friday, June 17, 2011

TGIF means 13 for dinner!

Back in the old days (when I was a teen), TGIF was such a popular phrase...and I still love it! Several years ago when I was on a mission trip to Guatemala, I remember explaining the meaning of TGIF to my patient Spanish teacher. She knew a lot of US euphemisms, but this one was new to sweet Patricia!

TGIF this week means that L*K got the new releases shipped....whoopee!  It's always crazy around here when we release new products. Shipping over 200 shops on the same day is just a big deal, no matter how organized you are.  We started packing on Saturday and finished the final labels on Tuesday night. Wednesday AM Alan delivered crates full of smaller boxes to the loading dock at the airport post office. Because it was a beautiful day, we stacked the UPS boxes on the driveway and waited for the friendly UPS man. I'm not sure he was that excited to see us and our pile of boxes, but we always warn him in advance.

Here are the new releases...shiny wrappers and all!  Autumn Alphabet chartpak (left) is the 3rd part of our seasonal series and includes embellishments (squirrel, moon and tan buttons). Life's a Beach (top middle) is our Limited Edition summer kit - only available this summer - so grab this peachy beachy kit now! (See June 2 posting for a closeup of this Limited Edition design). Bottom right is our new Inspirational Boxer "I Know God".  Faithful blog followers have been watching this design progress all the way from early sketch to publication...and here it is! Boxer includes pattern, 32 ct. flax linen, flower buttons, and a BONUS pin cushion design. The cool round box you see in the pic is the BONUS pin cushion design. You choose a scrap from fabric from your stash, and we supply the pattern and a couple chartreuse beads.

3 NEW SNIPPETS!  Left is our Live Laugh Love Now & Then Snippet. We've started a new series where we republish best-selling oldies, while adding a 2nd "fresh look" at the old design. Both designs are included - choose your favorite or stitch them both. Middle is Flora McSample's Farm Sampler. Our sampler girl Flora is down on the farm with critters, barn, sunflowers, the whole corral! Right side is our Wine A Bit Snippet. This design is pictured in a cool wine bag from Stitch-A-Gift, but you can put it anywhere. Pour yourself a glass and you'll still finish this design in one evening.

After we ship the auto, it takes a couple days to recuperate, clean the office, and catch up on everything we neglected during the process. I'm off to my local needlework shop, Heart's Desire in Wichita, KS, to select some frames, pick up some perforated paper for a new project, and deliver some of my daughter's artwork for framing. 

Then...we seem to have 13 friends coming for dinner...HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  I sent an email invitation yesterday and...more on next post!!!


  1. Oh...I can't wait for the new boxer series! I just love these. Great new always.

  2. I absolutely am in love with the "I Know God" pattern. This one I definitely have to have!

  3. Wow, look at all the boxes!! It must have been a hectic few days getting ready for that!!! Good luck with dinner!!

  4. Hi Linda
    They are all in my wish list!!! I love so much your designs!!! Thanks!!

  5. I 'll hope CasaCenina sell soon your new charts! I love all of them!

    Elena in italy

  6. I am a happy recipient of the new boxer. I love it! Thanks for so many great new designs.