Friday, June 10, 2011

I hate HAIL!!!

What a night!!!  The weathermen were on TV for 3 HOURS continuously last evening. Hey, it's Kansas, so we have the most zealous weathermen around. Like all real Kansans, Alan and I have grown incredibly capable of IGNORING them.  When the weathermen get really excited, we run outside to get a good look at the sky ourselves! After 2 hours of non-stop warnings and sirens, we went to the office to get some work done. Maybe that was a mistake...because then the REAL storm started!

After a whole year of drought (while the rest of the nation is too wet), we had rains of Biblical proportions!  The sad part, tho, was the HAIL (those white things on the photo)!  Oh, how I hate the sound of hail on the roof, hail on the windows, hail on the sidewalk, and especially, hail on the flowers and garden! We were stuck in the office with torrential rain and hail outside, and Henry could only sigh and chew on his slimy rubber cheeseburger.

I wanted to go outside and take closeups of the hail balls, but it was raining too hard, and I didn't want to get nailed on the head with a hail ball. They melted quickly, because it was over 100 degrees today. Now the cleanup begins....where is that leaf blower?


  1. I heard on NPR this morning that Wichita's temperature rose 20 degrees in about 20 minutes around midnight! So you were getting crazy weather patterns from all over the place. Hope it cools down soon!!

  2. We could have used the rain here in Texas, but I am with you. I hate HAIL!

  3. Ha - my friends in KC think I'm crazy for going outside to check out bad weather! But some of my favorite memories are from camping out in folding chairs at the edge of the garage, watching the sky change colors, and darting out to see who can pick up the biggest pieces of hail. :-) Good times growing up in Kansas...