Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Printing Delivered! (Or...what to do when it's 102)

Remember the long process we began on April 4l, following a design from inception to publication? We're FINALLY done - almost!!

The boxes delivered from the printer and now our work really begins.  Everything need to be assembled before it can be packed and shipped.  This batch of printing is really pretty easy. There aren't any Flip-its or Quick-its in this batch (which require putting a charm/button in a tiny 1" x 1" sack, then attaching to printing with our beloved adhesive Glu-Dots).

We're busy assembling boxes and boxes of Boxers, the same design we've been following thru the publishing process. In advance, we've cut, folded and ironed hundreds of pieces of fabric. Our helper Carmen does most of this - yes, she gets paid to iron!  I also do this sometimes in the evenings while watching TV. Somehow that makes it more fun.  Also in anticipation of the printing, we've sacked the embellishments in tiny zip bags.  Now we put everything together in a Boxer case, and seal it shut with a clear sticker.

Also for this new product release, we're busy assembling an embellished chartpak, the Autumn Alphabet. It's the 3rd in our seasonal series, and we're excited about this one - the autumn colors are gorgeous!  We did, however, have a SQUIRREL EMERGENCY develop!  One of our included charms is an antique gold squirrel charm, and they arrived without their little hanging loops - not good!  And also, not usable - no way to attach them to the stitchery!  So the charm supplier had to reorder from her supplier, rush it through the plater who adds the antique gold finish, and they just arrived today with ridiculously expensive overnight shipping. We'll put them in little bags with the other embellishments and sack them with the printing later this week. Maybe I'll invite a friend or two over to help???


  1. Thanks again for the postings. I am really learning a lot about the whole design process and I find it fascinating! :)

  2. I hope you didn't have to pay the extra shipping. After all, it wasn't YOUR mistake!!

  3. Can't wait to see the new charts. I love all of your designs, I'm currently stitching the "Halloween Rules" with the border and I find myself smiling bigger with each new rule I add.

  4. Sorry for the problems, but I can't wait until they are out! I am stitching on ABC's of Aging Artfully and am stuck on P for Procrastinate! I think I need another new project to kick me into gear!