Sunday, February 27, 2011

EMAW (Every Man a Wildcat!)

After an absolutely MANIC week of catching up after our market trip (putting all the market orders in the computer, packing new orders, returning a week's worth of phone calls & emails, packing new orders, returning market props to attic, making more kits so we can pack more orders...) it was time to take a break and hang with our friends!!

Several years ago Alan talked me into a BIG TV in our family room.  It doesn't really add to the aesthetics of the room ): but it sure has added to our social life! A bunch of our friends are also Kansas State fans, so whoever is available comes to our house to watch all the football and basketball games. (They even know where the key is, if we're running a little late!).  The best part is...we have a "ball" cheering, celebrating, and even commiserating together. We all wear our obnoxious purple clothing and snack our way through all the Wildcat victories!  There's always room for a loyal might not get the most coveted seats (Vicki gets the toasty seat in front of the fireplace, Alan gets the chair next to the little ottoman which he uses for a drum)...but wear your PURPLE and you are welcome!


  1. I will go along with the Wildcats, but I think in BLUE!! Sounds like you have a great time - cool.

  2. As a K-State Wildcat, I will say "I LOVE PURPLE!" :-)

  3. The more Purple the merrier! Go'Cats eat those Hawks!