Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shhh...Valentine surprises in progress!

Our daughters, Alison "Kate" and Sarah "Lizzie" are both crazy for cupcakes!  I saw these darling cupcake pincushion kits and decided they would be the PERFECT Valentine's Day gifts!  But now I have to hurry and get my cupcakes made/"baked" so they'll arrive in time for the big day (have to mail one to Indiana!).

WOW!  The gals at JABC really put together a nice kit with great materials and instructions, but I'm a little sewing challenged!  Turning that flat wool felt into a 3D cupcake is a little like putting a square block in a round peg.  But I finished them in one afternoon (even tho I should be working on stuff for market) and I'm proud of the results. And, maybe, I'll tuck in a little chocolate to go with the cupcakes (if I can brave the new snowstorm)! 

BTW - daughter Sarah is an art teacher and a painter.  She's working on a "yummy" series of food paintings, including some beautiful cupcakes.  Check out her cupcake art at  They're a treat for the eyes!

Our other daughter Alison is similarly cupcake-obsessed.  She's a food blogger who has her share of cupcake experiences documented on her site.  Check our her current cupcake post @ YUM!


  1. What a creative family - you all make such wonderful things! I have to say that I love you being such a "proud mama"!

  2. Isn't it funny that us cross stitchers are mostly "sewing challenged". I can't sew a lick. And I also like to think of myself as a decent quilter as well.