Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, HENRY!! (the mighty grand dog)

Things just got a little more interesting at our house/office since Henry came to town! Yes, he just may be the cutest dog EVER...that interesting mix of brown, black, white, tan and grey shagginess all add up to his exceptional good looks.

Henry is our daughter Ali's dog and he's come to Ta-town on an indefinite visit while she sells her house. It just seemed complicated trying to juggle Henry's schedule, her job and random realtor visits, so she optimistically asked if we could keep him for awhile.  Ali knew I would readily agree, but she wasn't sure about her Dad. Since our dog Lucky died a couple summers ago, we have been petless, and farm boy Alan thinks that is fine/convenient. You know the story..."when I grew up on the farm, our animals were outside, blah, blah, blah....".

OK...Henry DID get off to a rocky start his first full day here. Not sure why (nerves, ear medicine) he was a little...ah...irregular in his bathroom habits. After a trip to the store for stuff you spray on doggie accidents, and a load of laundry with poopy rags, things seem to be improving.  He prefers laying next to Alan (go figure) which is good because our part time helper Carmen "no quiere perros" (doesn't like dogs).  Maybe Carmen can teach Henry (Enrique) some Spanish commands.  He doesn't seem to obey in English!

Here's one of my favorite Henry photos that Ali took when he dove into her recycling and unexpectedly got caught in a Kleenex box. It's a dog's life!!!


  1. Darling doggie, hilarious story! I giggled all the way through your story! Thanks for sharing--and give Henry a big hug from me!

  2. Hey he sounds like my dogs. They don't obey english comands either. LOL

  3. Oh your granddog is so cute! He looks like a cousin of a couple of my granddogs. Aren't they fun! I haven't babysat any in my home, but I have babysat all of them in their own homes. I have special, yet different, all natural dog treats for each one and they love me for it. They may not obey everything I say, but they come when I call which makes this Sandwich Generation granny nanny (of grandkids AND granddogs) very happy.