Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of Oz! (snow in Kansas)

ONLY 5 DAYS AGO, it was 72 degrees in Wichita in January...what a difference a few days make!  We only have 4-5", but who can tell for sure with the whirling wind and drifts?! This is my frigid backyard as seen from my 2nd story office window. Alan keeps shoveling the little path from the house to the office, but it blows shut in about 5 minutes!

But neither rain nor sleet or Wichitawesome blizzard can keep our faithful helper Carmen from her desk. Today is fun because she brought her snow day helper, son Elizeo, with her to work. (Elizeo wants me to point out his broken glasses - maybe too much soccer?)  Carmen helps us a few hours every week, but she is indispensable!! She does all kinds of assembly for L*K...sacks chartpaks, assembles Boxer kits, glues those tiny button packs in hundreds and hundreds of Flip-its, and much more! Carmen probably has nightmares about the giant rolls of glu-dots we use on Flip-its and Double Flips!  She restocks a few Flip-its bins on almost every visit.

Today Carmen is upstairs working on fabric for 3 upcoming kits for our Nashville Market. If you want a sneak peek at the kit fabric colors, take a close look at the photo!  This kit fabric arrives conveniently precut (thank you, Zweigart!), but we fold and iron it so it fits neatly in the bag. We leave for Nashville 2 weeks from today....YIKES!  More about market (and our helper Carmen) in future posts......

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  1. How lucky you are to have someone who is such a great worker as Carmen and her helper, what a handsom young man. I look forward to seeing the new items.
    p.s. we have over 70 inches of snow in Annandale Mn.