Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day = Sweet Treats

I love to bake!!!  Or is it...I love to eat?!  Whichever, Valentine's is the perfect time for my recreational baking.  I try to share alot with my friends, since my kids and their friends are no longer home to quickly devour everything. We had a busy weekend, celebrating Valentine's early with friends and family.

Top photo is extremely yummy white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  I can't take credit for this one!  Every year our Sunday school class has a big Valentine's party where the men cook for all the women. The men try to outdo themselves in the kitchen (sometimes with amusing results). but they always make cheesecakes for dessert.  And they are fabulous!!! I baked the cupcakes and gingerbread hearts for Sunday morning treats at church, altho we were still quite stuffed from the exquisite dinner the evening before.

To celebrate today, we're doing our customary Mexi-Monday at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, Taqueria el Paisa. They know our names and what we order...hmmm...guess we are regulars! And sometimes when I'm feeling adventurous, I practice a little Spanish.

Only one more thing to bake hot fudge pie for husband Alan. The best part is...I get to SHARE that molten chocolate pie!


  1. Okay, so your Valentines Day celebration food is way better than mine! If you brought this to Nashville, I would work your room while you could shop with Jennie.

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