Friday, August 19, 2011

What a week!

Oh my!  What a big week at L*K!  We shipped our new designs to several hundred shops on Monday, and barely paused to catch our breath before the reorders began. We're not complaining,'s a blessing to be busy!

Our website should be updated this weekend (with good quality photos), but here are some quick photos I shot of all the new things!

Finally...the 6 Fat Men Flip-its are here!  This is the group model with all 6 chubby guys hanging out in the snow together. I forgot to shoot the individual models before loaning them out, but you can see the printed material laying in front. Please invite these guys for a visit...they promise to behave like gentlemen! F110 Snowed In, F111 Snow House, F112 Snow Friends.

Above are the 7 models for Tiny Tidings XVI. We've never squeezed this many designs in before, and this photo shows why I use a professional photographer. It's hard to shoot them all together and get them looking right. There is also an embellishment pack for this chartpak. #150, E150.

Here he is!  Santa is our 7th important man this year!  He's cheery and happy to be headed to your house with his overflowing sleigh. There's also an embellishment pack for this Snippet. S100, S100E.

This is our new Inspiration Boxer kit "When We Do". It's the 2nd in our inspirational series. Many blog posts ago, we followed this group of designs through the development process. We were aiming for a vintage look in the design and the printing. Boxer also includes bonus design for the bluebird fob. Kit includes 32 ct. Flax Belfast linen, designs, hand-dyed raspberry flower buttons and chartreuse beads (for the fob). K34.

Here's what's been keeping us BUSY for the last few months!  They should land in a great needlework shop near you very soon. If they're not there, please ask them to order! If you need help locating a needlework shop, check our website for shop listings. Please support your local needlework shops...they're the best!  


  1. Lots on your plate, huh?!? Can't believe you have so many new charts coming out!!

  2. Wow you have been busy bees :) I cannot wait to see them in the shops - my 'to-do' list has now grown even more!

  3. These are all cute!! I work for an online shop for cross stitching in Germany and we also sell your charts (we get them from Hoffman). When your charts arrive here, I will keep one of each for myself :)
    Best wishes from Germany!

  4. I really enjoy reading your Blog. Thank you for sharing your pictures, stories & works in progress.