Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 Fat Men get stripped!

Oh my! When we put the bitty zip bags containing embellishments on the Glu-Dots, we call it "stripping"! So, when the printing arrived last week, we pulled the individual bags off their "strips" and attached them to the 6 Fat Men Flip-its. Yea...the 6 Fat Men are now all stripped and ready to ship!

We spent most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday finishing assembly on the new goodies and packing them in boxes. Lots of stores contract with us to "automatically" receive the new releases ASAP. Literally, these designs were hot off the presses. Some new items had been here for a week or two, but this last batch arrived in the "St. Nick" of time...including this year's Santa!

We do order packing assembling line style. Alan types all the invoices in advance, according to each shop's instructions. Then we divide the shipping table into 2 spaces. On the back side I have the invoices, and pull the inventory from my little assembly line.  Then I hand it to Alan on the other side of the table who selects the appropriate sized box and packs it up - he prides himself on a well-packed box!

By Saturday morning we were making such good progress on our packing, we joined our friends for a bike ride. After a summer of dismally hot weather, we finally had a cool morning to trek around the county. We rode to the little town of Bentley (20 miles away) where we had a yummy breakfast at the Bentley Bar & Grill, otherwise known as the Roadkill Cafe. The dress code was overalls, but we showed up in our geeky bike gear.

It was a beautiful morning for a ride, and I brought my camera, of course. I have a nifty little bag that hooks right to my bike frame with Velcro where I can easily reach it. For you city's some of what we saw along the way!

Miniature horses!  Yes, a farm where they raise little horses. They weren't very close to the road, so I zoomed in as far as I could for these mini horses!

Corn!  The only corn that is alive this year is the irrigated stuff, like this. The dry land corn is toasty and brown...sad year for the farmers.

This is what the river looks like - the sandbars are so big you can almost walk across, and there's vegetation growing on the sandbar. Drought!

Back to work and more packing. Gotta keep up our strength with some M & M refreshments!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all that goes into producing your fabulous designs. It's been fun walking that adventure with you!! Looking forward to the call from my LNS that 6 Fat Men are in the shop!!

    Carol B.

  2. I stitch at my kitchen table with everything spread out!!! Love, love your designs and website. I still use calculators and love llime green ones!
    Thank, Aggie

  3. I stitch at the kitchen table with everything spread out. I love calculators.
    Thanks, Aggie