Sunday, August 7, 2011

Countdown to 6 Fat Men!

The last time we checked in on our favorite chubby guys (July 22 post) we were busy pulling all the info together for the graphic designer. I had finished stitching all of the models, got them framed, and photographed each and every one. I gave the photo files, the graph and instruction files and the actual models to Janice, my graphic designer, so she could work her magic. I also pulled all of the men together for a big GROUP PHOTO - more about that in a future post!

I think I've told you a bit about Janice before, but she deserves some extra space!  Janice is a long time friend (she sewed me crib bumpers when Alison was a baby!) and a very talented gal. She is a full time graphic designer (her day job) but freelances for L*K on nights and weekends. Janice is also a talented seamstress - she used to be the finisher for my LNS.  If that isn't enough, she is also a cross stitcher...which is SO helpful because she actually understands what we are publishing!

Janice is the one who makes L*K designs look good on the shelves. She takes all the info I give her and arranges it on the pages for the printer. Janice adds backgrounds, fun graphics and all the special things that make a L*K design look like....well, an L*K design! Collaborating with Janice on how my designs will look is one of my favorite parts of my job.  I send her ideas about how I want something to look, she tweaks them (often comes up with something better) and makes it happen. Because Janice is free-lancing for L*K, we work some really weird after dark! But I try to be available whenever she is sending files and ready to work!

Here are our working files on the 6 Fat Men Flip-it series. Check out the pretty background colors! We love coordinating the whole series, so they will look pretty on the LNS shelves, and in your hands. These are color printouts of the front and back covers, and black/white printouts of the insides of each graph.  Time to proof, proof, proof! I look for corrections, along with my proofer Melissa, and we submit changes back to Janice. Then she sends us corrected files, and we do it all over again. It's a evolving PROCESS!

Here is our new little 6 Fat Men logo that will appear on each snowman in the series! We also added a fun little snowman saying to each Flip-it, besides the one that appears in the stitchery!  I love the saying on this one..."Wearing white is always appropriate".

Stay tuned - the snowman countdown continues this week!


  1. They are pretty colors. Love them!!! Nice to hear about the process behind what we see too.

  2. I am so excited to get these charts. I love, love, love snowmen and I stitch them and build them whenever I can.
    Kudos to your graphics designer she is truly a wonder as I am sure you know.
    I love the color choices for the charts.
    Awesome, I can hardly wait!!!
    God Bless your stitching fingers ~

  3. I love reading about the process it takes you to get the designs on the shelves and also the little sneak peeks that we get. I've already signed up for auto shipment for the '6 Fat Men' and can't wait to start.

  4. I met Janice while working at our LNS--she's a delightful lady! I've also had fun running into her twice in recent months and visiting! She does a great job on the graphics and appearance of the L*K patterns!