Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My night with Keith Urban!

Keith brought his "Get Closer" show to Ta-town last night...and I was there! It may have been a Tuesday night, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the fans at the arena. There were so many cowboy boots and short skirts, it was an eyeful. Not to mention Keith!

Am I a country western fan? Not really.
Do I know the words to Keith Urban songs? Sadly, no.
What did I say when my girlfriends invited me many months ago? Sure!

I really intended to do some prep ahead of time, listening to his songs and getting Keith-educated. (Hey, I do know that he's married to Nicole Kidman.) But, just like my Spanish homework, I wasn't ready for the pop quiz. But I had a fantastic time, anyway!

After the warm up music of Jake Owen, Keith played non-stop for over 2 hours.  He had so much energy, as he tore up the main stage and a couple extra little stages scattered around the was amazing! It was also fun to hear him chat in his Australian accent. He even worked in a mini-rendition of the classic "Wichita Linemen" for his Wichita faithful! In above photo you can see mini-Keith (bottom center) and giant Keith on the cool circular screen.  The set and lighting were awesome and constantly changing!

Among his many guitars, Keith used a fancy light up guitar. It doesn't look great in my photo, but it changed colors as he played, had different light patterns and definitely kept my eyes on Keith!  Did I say that he looks pretty good in a pair of torn jeans? 

But the end of night, Keith was all sweaty and his trademark locks were a little droopy. (Actually, this happened about fifteen minutes into the show.) But it didn't dampen his spirits, or ours. It was a late night for this empty-nester, but I can say that Keith and I definitely "got closer"...and wasn't that the point of his tour?!  

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  1. I love Kieth Urban, and have only heard good things about his shows. Glad you enjoyed yourself!!!