Monday, August 1, 2011

My Rocky Mountain High!

OK...I live in Kansas...where the weather this summer is HIDEOUSLY HOT!!! But a 10 hour drive to the west lands us in the mountains of  Colorado. ROAD TRIP!!!

We loaded 3 cars, 9 friends and a lot of STUFF and made the long, uphill drive to Breckenridge, a lovely Victorian town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The further west we drove, the temperature and humidity dropped and giddy smiles came to our faces. Thanks to the generosity of other friends, we borrowed a great house for our Rocky Mountain adventure.

How to summarize our long weekend???

We rode bikes (mostly downhill) to Frisco, the town next door. The views as we pedaled were gorgeous...majestic mountains, tall trees and wildflowers everywhere!

We stopped to smell the flowers along the way. That's me on the left and my friends Connie (front) and Vicki (right). 

We took the chairlift to the top of the mountain...

...and (slowly) hiked all the way down.  We walked through lots of ski runs, mountain biking paths and flowers....more wild flowers! (I think I have enough flower photos for an entire album!).

We also took the a shorter chairlift up Peak 8 and rode the Alpine slide down. This is SO much fun!  It's a great summer activity where you ride a little sled down the mountains...zigging and zagging...and going as fast (or slow) as you choose.  We had some great competition as we rode side by side in different lanes.

In between all the strenuous biking, hiking, sledding, whitewater rafting, etc....we managed a little shopping. Here's my favorite place to shop in Breckenridge, the Bay Street Co.  It's beautiful inside, but the stunning gardens outside are a real treat! 

We also had to refuel, and had a great time cooking and eating at our weekend home. Eddie, the bacon master, was the first in the kitchen every morning. 

Alas, our long weekend came to an end, and we returned home. During our 10 hour drive the temperature dropped more than 50 degrees - YIKES!  It was 52 when we left Colorado in the morning, and 105 when we arrived home at dinner time.  

Ah....fond memories of our Rocky Mountain High!


  1. Wow, looks like you had a fantastic trip. Love the pics you took. I wish I was hale and hearty enough to do that kind of stuff!!

  2. Wow....52 degrees! That's a lot cooler than it is here in the sunny South! I think we will all be ready for Fall, but I will mourn the loss of long days and sunny weather! Glad you had such a wonderful trip :)