Monday, August 8, 2011

Countdown continues with SNEAK PEEK on Santa '11

Our countdown continues toward printing and distributing our new batch of holiday goodies. Today we got color proofs from the printer. Our rep delivered to our office/house and I took awhile we look them over...AGAIN.

No, this isn't the same photo I used in the last post. These are the color proofs from the printer. Notice how the front and back covers are both on the same sheet. After they are printed, they will go to the bindery. Then will use a machine to "score" the paper so it can be folded. Then the front and back will wrap around to become...well, the front and the back! 

BTW...I'm thrilled with how the color looks on these proofs. I deliver the actual models to the printer so they can match color as carefully as possible during this process. They did an awesome job!

What's this? I also get separate proofs for the black/white insides of each design. On the next set of proofs (maybe tomorrow?), the inside and outside of each design are combined (stapled together actually). Then we can make sure everything is right side up.  Have you ever opened a design and everything inside is backwards or upside down? It's an easy mistake!

And now for the SNEAK PEEK!  Today we're also proofing this year's Snippet Santa and the matching embellishment pack.  You can see Santa is coming our way in a super sleigh this year. Check out the funny little skinny rectangular proof on this photo - this will become the little embellishment pack insert. The cover is on the right side and the back portion is on the left side of the proof. 

We'll be VERY busy later this week sacking these inserts and adding the buttons and beads into each embellishment pack. WOW - we could really use some elves around here!


  1. I'll take one of everything!!!

  2. Wow I can't wait. I'm counting down the days.

  3. Oh wow, they are so on my wish list now :) am really looking forward to stitching them

    Thank you for another set of fab designs, you are very clever x

  4. It is so interesting observing the behind the scenes, goings on. Thank you for sharing this with your fans and customers. Will be working on "it's a Jingle out there" that pattern made laugh out loud in the shop when we saw it. It sleighed us. Too funny and cute. I hope working with the winter themed projects has at least brought a mental relief from the heat.

    Stay cool. P.J.

  5. I'll be an elf!!!
    Looks so good I can't wait!
    God Bless your wonderful efforts. I love those colors.

  6. really looking forward to this!!!!

  7. Wow I love these posts because I never knew there was SO much involved with making a pattern! Thanks for sharing and I cannot wait for the fat guys and Santa!