Thursday, August 11, 2011

At home at the North Pole

Is this Santa's workshop, or does it just look that way!  Actually, I think Santa's workshop (if I can rely on those clever Santa Clause movies) is a whole lot cuter!

But we are busy as elves putting together the newest batch of L*K printing. They may not look as pretty, but getting those big boxes from the printer today is like Christmas morning to us!  Except when we open these boxes, we're not kicking back and relaxing...we're springing into action!

Our faithful part-time helper Carmen was here this morning, busily attaching snowflake charms to the 6 Fat Men Flip-its. Her son Elizeo has been coming to the office all summer (enjoying our computer and wireless internet!), and we'll miss him next week when he returns to school. Carmen usually helps us 2 mornings a week, but this week she agreed to work an extra day.

Carmen is a WONDERFUL helper here at L*K...and even doubles as my Spanish tutor. I'm giving my brain a rest from Spanish studies this summer, but I have been trying to learn Spanish for the last few years. It turns out, it's pretty hard to learn a foreign language when:
*you begin at age 50 (and studied German in school)
*you aren't faithful with your homework
*you talk too much in class
But it's still on my bucket list, and I am determined to dust off my dicionario and improve my Spanish skills. !Definitivamente!

Meanwhile (mientras, back at Santa's workshop, we're busy assembling Flip-its and making Santa's embellishment packs. Formula: one white snowflake button, 3 tiny black buttons and a pinch of beads go in every pack.

Tomorrow...packing the sleigh...I mean, the orders!


  1. Oh how exciting! These are going to fly off the shelves!

  2. Wow that is tedious! Definitely makes you appreciate all that goes into putting the pattern kits together. Thank you Carmen for ALL you do! :-)

  3. It's all come together and I am going to buy one of each. I am so excited!!!
    Carmen, you are the best! Thanks for all your hard work. Your son is a real cutie. Do you dream about snowflakes, buttons and beads at night?
    Take care and thanks for sharing this with us I have really enjoyed it.
    God Bless and happy designing!