Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Robin's egg blue and spring things

I'm a little obsessed with robin's egg blue color!  I'm not normally a "blue" person. I enjoy it in other people's homes, but narry a blue thing in my own house.

Maybe because it's springtime, maybe because it's a happy color, whatever. Robin'e egg even has it's own Pinterest board on my Pinterest page! So I've decided to de-yellow the Lizzie*Kate office and paint the walls a gorgeous robin's egg hue.  But which one??

Inspired by the beautiful blue ocean on my vintage globe, some pretty needlework frames and bunches of magazine clippings,  I grabbed a few dozen color swatches at the home store. I guess the next step is choosing a favorite and trying some patches on the walls? It's a real robin's egg dilemma!!

While I ponder my updated office walls, I've been busy getting the next batch of L*K goodies ready to ship. I'll do some sneak peek preview pics for the next few posts!

This is the new Perfectly Kept House Boxer kit and I LOVE this saying! My brother and I come from an obsessively spotless home (thanks, Mom), but I looked at him the other day and said "John, whatever happened to us?". Neither of us inherited the super-clean gene! 

I probably won't show my mom this design, because it wouldn't apply to her, but I hope lots of you can relate! Ironcally, this is part of my "inspiration" Boxer series, so I hope it inspires clean, create, whatever makes you happy!

Inspiration Boxer kits always come with a bonus design. Here's the bonus for this new Boxer.  It's a real cutie and has a definite spring-y appeal!

On another spring-y topic, I made some fun Easter cookies with my cookie guru, Glenna. She is teaching me how to use those confounding pastry bags and do pretty cookies. We both baked sugar cookies ahead of time, then got together last week to frost dozens of little tasty treats. I admit I lost interest after about 2 hours of outlining and flooding the cookies with sweet icing, but the results were satisfying. I had fun taking little plates of cookies to several events and sharing with friends. 

I even discovered one new toy to add to my cookie decorating stash. An edible black marker!  Check out the eys on the chicks and easy...and I didn't have to mix any black frosting.

Another Easter treat was having our sweet daughter, Ali, home to celebrate. I did most of the cooking, since she cooks ALL the time as a pro food blogger over at But we collaborated on this key lime tart and it was DELICIOUS!  I'm going to make another for my ladies' group at church next week...and pray for leftovers!


  1. I love this blue, too! Just bake two - there will be leftovers for sure!

  2. I LOVE your new boxer kit!!! I must get that when it's released. I've always said that my house is to be lived in and time spent with my and even stitching stash! I tell people you can come see me anytime but if you come and want to see a clean house, then please make an appointment. I live in my house along with my husband and now 2 teenage kids. It's lived in. Sometimes spotless and sometimes not. But we are truly a HAPPY FAMILY.

    Thank you for ALL of your Inspiration Boxer kits!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Love the new boxer kit! When will it be available?