Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New kits on the block

Q. What's new at L*K?
A. KITS!!! 4 of them!

We've been so busy kitting and shipping, these "new" kits may be "old news" to many of you. We're shipping these out every day, so if you haven't seen them in your needlework shop yet, have a look!

At Our House kit - this saying really has it all...swseet, silly, sentimental, bursting with family and love. Kit includes beautiful Crescent Colours threads. You supply your favorite fabric for this really fun project. This kit is NOT Limited Edition...it's here to stay, and hopefully find a place at your house!

We went to market a couple weeks ago and made 3 little Limited Edition kits to take with us. These 3 kits won't be here for long, so grab them while you can. In the spirit of "grab bag" we used assorted fabrics on these kits.  There are lots of neutral fabrics, but also some fun color and overdyes. You might even recognize some bits of fabric from retired L*K kits!

Chicks Limited Edition Kit - includes fabric and tiny chartreuse beads. This project is so quick, you'll have plenty of time to dye eggs and dig into that Easter candy.

Flowers Limited Edition Kit - Sweet little square design with vintage flower motifs. Kit includes muted red flower button, golden beads, and assorted fabric.

A Bee C Limited Edition Kit - Lots of "b's" in this design...3 buzzy bees and one letter "b"! Kitted with assorted fabrics and rusty beads.

These little kits have been SO fun for us, and the fabric scrap pile is definitely looking smaller. (I just can't bear to throw away the small stuff). Check back next week and we'll SNEAK PEEK some projects currently on my desk!


  1. I really love the Flowers kit, so pretty. I hope they make it to England.

  2. Wonderful! I always love the fabrics, colors and patterns in your designs! These make me want to search out a needlecrafting store!