Monday, April 15, 2013

Thinkin' Christmas in April

Actually, we're thinking Christmas year-round, here at Lizzie*Kate. We sell Christmas to our needlework shops all year long, and sometimes we're designing and releasing Christmas designs during very non-holiday April!

Here are the next 3 designs in our 12-part Jingles series! Just like their already released companions, each design has it's unique shape and size, and comes with button/bead embellishments.

All of the Jingles are great for stitching alone, and finishing into ornaments, pin pillows, merry fobs, needle rolls, package toppers...whatever your holiday heart desires.

We've also provided FREE finishing instructions on a separate finishing blog from our finishing guru, Mona. If you want your Jingles to look just like ours, visit her site at and follow along with the finishing fun.

Or...turn your Jingles into one, big holiday extravaganza and stitch all 12 designs together!!

There's plenty of time left before Christmas rolls around. I haven't even put all my Easter decor away, if that's an encouragement to you!  

Join us on our Jingles stitching journey, and keep us posted on your progress.  Don't forget to download the FREE instructions for combining all 12 designs www. 

Meanwhile, here in L*K headquarters, you'll never guess the project at the top of my desk (after this post!). Yes, I'm sending the next set of Jingles to the printer, trying to get them ready for our next release in June. I photographed them last week, and am finishing the text, graph and all the info today. 

Have a great, stitch-y week!


  1. Cute designs! I'm thinking Christmas in April, too. Trying to get all of my homemade gifts kitted up and ready to start!