Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Think Deeply about those pretty/pesky yellow flowers!

We're spent the last couple days packing orders for needlework shops around the world, and today they're shipping out - WHEW!  I've been previewing the new stuff on the last few posts, so here is another SNEAK PEEK!

I'm loving this sweet, height-challenged design! The saying is  really lovely, and I added in some antique letters and classic L*K doo-dahs. The design is #157 Think Deeply and it's packaged as a chartpak.

On another topic, we can't decide what season it is here in Kansas. For a few days we'll have lovely spring-y weather with sunny skies and balmy temps and I pull out my flipflops. Then we'll have a few days of weirdly winter-y weather with some strange meteorological stuff like thunder sleet and (gasp!) SNOW. All of this is 
confusing me...and my yard!

After a beautiful 75 degree day yesterday (that's SEVENTY-FIVE!), here's what we woke up to this morning! Yes, that's ICE coating the trees and (sniff) my tulips and almost- ready-to-bloom fruit trees. The weathermen have gone from their annual scary spring warnings about tornadoes, into full-blown winter weather coverage!

In between these weather contrasts, we need to mow the yard (desperately), but we're too busy doing L*K on those nice days, and then random blizzards return. Whatever...we're engaged in the battle of the GOOD yellow and the BAD yellow right now. 

BAD yellows are dotting my entire yard and flower beds. BAD yellows are otherwise known as dandelions. They are flourishing!

GOOD yellows are my daffodils (perfect for my Easter table centerpiece, but gone now) and my beautiful forsythia bushes right outside the L*K office (above). Clearly I shot this photo yesterday, because my office windows are coated in ice this morning and I can't even see these bushes.  

Happy Spring, wherever you are, and whatever spring looks like (today) in your town!


  1. LOL--we definitely are in Kansas are we not! AND it is giving the weathermen a run for their money! We have the rain but thankfully we are far enough North we do not have the freezing rain--how does that happen? Talked to my sister this money in Oklahoma City and she said the trees were coated and they were worrying about loosing power. It was colder there than here in NE KS!
    Love your Think Deeply--will send off email to reserve mine from the LNS in Topeka!
    Hang in there it will be spring regularly one of these days! LOL Then right into hot summer!

  2. Think Deeply looks like a beautiful design, and I can't wait to stitch mine! The weather has been a little crazy here in NYC too. Earlier this week we had a high of 84 (YAY!), however today it's high 40's and rainy! I'm so over the cold :(

  3. Oh, I need to call to reserve a copy of Think Deeply, to add to the stash of LK designs I still have to stitch.
    It sounds like you are having our Chicago weather. We are used to ice & snow on top of our daffodil & tulip buds. Dandelions are so darn hearty! We are about 15 degrees below average, with little league baseball starting this weekend. Oh, it's going to be like football weather! The sun is out right now, but it's been raining on & off all week in Chicagoland!

  4. Cute new design!

    Well... you could make dandelion greens out of the leaves and fry up the buds. ;-) Or, make dandelion wine!