Monday, February 20, 2012

Countdown to Market...kit sneak peek!

Every year we go to Needlework Market in February...17 years in a row, that is!  I've only missed one, when I went to Guatemala with my 2 daughters and a group from my church. While I was enjoying the most interesting trip of my life, Alan drove to and fro Nashville, and managed the booth by himself. Of course, he did have a couple hundred kind needlework ladies cheering him on! Hmmmm...maybe I should plan another trip?!

No matter how much we plan ahead, we're always SWAMPED the weekend before market. We always plan a couple surprise kits for the market attendees, and somehow, they're always ready just in the nick of time!

So this past weekend we found ourselves assembling kits while watching one basketball game after another...and our sport-loving friends were there to help!

Right in the middle of our family room (and in prime TV viewing position) we set up a couple tables, and got to work!  After a full day of folding, sacking, intermittent cheering and eating, we finished assembling BOTH kits! As we completed kits, Alan packed them into boxes to make the trip to Nashville.

This morning, Alan is headed out to Heart's Desire, our LNS here in Wichita. Debbie helps us every year by carrying a (big) portion of our inventory to Nashville.  We'll download this batch of boxes to her, then fill our car again with more market stuff...more inventory, display tables and cloths, L*K banners, props to make things look nice, and much, much more. When we roll across country in a couple days, we'll be the car that looks a lot like the Beverly Hillbillies (sans Granny sitting on the top!).

Above is the sneak peek pic I promised!  We're doing a very special Limited Edition kit that uses these fabrics in a fun way. Check out the birds, bugs, stripes, dots, and rick rack. Who can guess what we'll do with these? We haven't shown the stitched part of the kit, but we'll guarantee it's quick and fun!

Back to my lists!!!


  1. I want it I need it PlEASE!!I would love to go to the market is it open to the public I am 2 hours away.

  2., the market is open to wholesale vendors only. Just contact your lcoal shop to reserve.